Jan 18, 2018

Random Thursday

I interrupt sharing from Dave's book for a special post that's still very much Disney related! All last year I kept pages from my Disney Desk Calendar (2017) where I felt like the factoid was pretty much wrong! Like you couldn't be more wrong than this! And I feel like sharing them here because I am a Disney geek!

Okay, so here I'm being nit-picky but I mean come on, these things DO matter! The description is all correct and whatnot, but the picture is totally wrong! Obviously this is THE END of the movie where we assume Jasmine and Aladdin were married and go off to live happily ever after! But obviously since we had a movie later on with the wedding, this is not their wedding scene! Regardless it is at the END and NOT during Whole New World!

Once again, nothing wrong with the factoid, but the picture!! This is NOT Thumper! This is his girlfriend later on! What did they end up calling her, Miss Bunny? I mean there's eyelashes AND a heavy girlish blush!

Sorry for the crookedness, my printer/scanner isn't in the best spot with light and whatnot! All about convenience and space! Lol! Here the factoid is wrong, it's saying the fairies must rush back to the cottage in the glen to find Prince Phillip, but so wrong!!! This is when the fairies are going to the cottage in the glen to raise baby Aurora! I mean Fauna is clearly carrying a baby!!

Okay I'm being nit-picky again here! The quote is when genie complains about having a crick in the neck, yet the picture is concept art during is Friend Like Me song and he's juggling his head. Again, not really anything wrong...just being nit-picky.

Okay, here it really comes down to the terminology. The fairies shrank down to tiny size and flew into what's more of a jewelry box or safe-like box than a closet!

This one was so close to being right! It says Pumbaa thinks he's being chased by Nala because she wants to eat him, they say, no she's not! She's looking for Simba! Uh, WRONG! She IS trying to EAT PUMBAA because there's no food in the Pride Lands! Simba happens to stop her and save Pumbaa and they have their OMG reunion! Duh!

Okay being nit-picky on the terminology again, but come on, you don't call a handmade gown that was torn to shreds a work dress!! Everyone knows that Cinderella was wearing her handmade dress that her little animal friends help make for her but then her stepsisters ripped it to shreds!

Again, terminology here is not quite right. Or the movie wasn't very clear on two dudes who work the fireworks are actually bad guys for doing their jobs! It's says Mushu scares the bad guys away, but the firework guys weren't the Huns, so why are they "bad"?


  1. Omg Jess, I love this post LOL. These are totally things that would drive me crazy, too. You would think that whoever wrote these captions had never seen the movies at all!!

  2. This seriously made me lol. I can't believe you analyzed each of these and then shared them with us. I mean, I'd probably do the same thing if it was something I was passionate about (*cough* Game of Thrones *cough*), but this is great. :)

  3. I remember you complaining about this calendar (did you get 2018); it's crazy that no one fact-checked this project!

    Nala is 100% trying to eat Pumbaa. HOW ARE THEY SO WRONG?


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