Jan 22, 2018

Let's Discuss: Rocko's Modern Life Oddities

So the other night, I was watching Rocko's Modern Life! A classic from the 90s Nicktoon era! I loved this show as a kid, even though it could get kind of gross, but I guess as a kid, I never really realized how odd this show was for kids! 

Rocko's Modern Life Oddities

I mean first off, Rocko came to America from Australia like when he was a kid while his parents were still there? In one episode there was a flashback that showed young Rocko playing with young Filbert. In the current time frame, Rocko is an adult. He rents a house, he has a job, drives a car and yet...on Halloween he dresses up and goes Trick or Treating with Heffer and Filbert! What's up with that?!

And then Filbert gets married in one episode. It's just weird! I know, I'm analyzing cartoons too much. It's what happened when you're laying in bed and watching them late at night! Lol! I guess I can understand most of it, except the Trick or Treating part! I mean, you drive a car! You have a job! You rent a house! Why are you Trick or Treating?! Lol!

I haven't seen the last episode come around yet! As I know that it ended with everyone being on a rocket ship and ending up in space! And then there is going to be a new TV movie about it! Rocko and everyone comes back to O-Town but it's been 22 years since they were gone! It's bound to be a fun one!

Here's where you can watch the trailer if you care to! According to IMDB it airs on April 1, 2018! I tried to embed the video in my post but it was most uncooperative for some reason!


  1. There's gonna be a movie??!?!?! Ahhh it look awesome! Rocko was one of my fave shows as a kid! And yes, it was sooooo weird. You just don't notice until you watch it as an adult lol.

  2. I've never heard of this, but it does sound sort of bizarre!


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