Jan 23, 2018

Let's Discuss: The Need for a Beauty and the Beast Library/Bookstore Lego Piece!

Another random idea that came to me is another sort of rant/plea. I keep seeing all those adorable Disney Princess Lego sets! They are so cute! All the different castles and whatnot! I thought the Beauty and the Beast one was adorable too! But a little big, and the library needed some work, if there was a library. I can't really remember now. Which brings me to my point...

The Need for a Beauty and the Beast Library/Bookstore Lego Piece!

At one point I remembered I tried to "submit" the idea to Lego to say, hey having Belle's Library or even the bookshop would make an awesome Lego piece! Like a small/medium size piece, not necessarily a big one! I think it would be SO cool!! You know what Lego told me when I tried to submit the idea? Something along the lines, build it out of Legos and submit through our form.

Build it out of Legos?! You're telling me I need to make a library or bookshop out of Legos, make a freaking Belle figurine out of Legos? Why would I give you the Lego idea if I could make it myself? It was so stupid. I couldn't figure out what the heck I was supposed to...I mean, I don't even have Legos to build anything. And how would I construct bookshelves and books? It made no sense.

So alas, that idea didn't pan out. I keep hoping Lego will get the idea on their own. They keep making all these different Lego sets. New small sets keep coming out, big ones come out. Princesses are getting second rounds of Lego sets so I keep hoping Belle will get another. Though her big castle piece did just come out last year I think, so I might have awhile to wait. 

If only I had Legos that could easily construct my own library or bookshop for Belle. Of course, I'd have to find a way to order just a Belle Lego figure too. Too much work! Lol!

What do you think? If there was a Lego set that was Beauty and the Beast that basically build either Belle's Library or even her bookshop in town, would you buy it? No matter the size?


  1. this is such a great idea! My kids love LEGO so I'm sure they'd love to build a library too :)

  2. That would be a fun piece to build and have on your shelf. My nephew loved putting these together and I must say, they are quite impressive when done.

  3. Like this? https://www.flickr.com/photos/156644125@N08/39613842480/in/photolist-Gscg6a-HYvkiq-BTkTRw-263ykSs-252djHj-252dv3h-23mxif9-252ceuf-f58EWc-267gFYi-HYwe5m-GsbMor-267hWJP-263yW1C-23mrXdL-263yeoL-HYvw1Y-267gzgF-23mrugu-267giNr-24KitDx-267gNZn-24KaDwK-263yK85-267iKLp-24KcnDi-252b4rS-252cnfq-23msqNf-23mrvHh-263zke1-24Kc36k-HYvnh5-252b3yu-252b47o-GsbV7c-263yAMs-HYvxh5-GsaNWi-Gs9Bex-263yMU7-267iVPF-252cFJ9-23mpMwL-24KcHzv-HYvENN-24KbyXH-267hsFV-267iuzH-24K9AWX


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