Jan 15, 2018

Let's Discuss: Why I Will Likely Kill My Laptop This Year

Well, as I was trying to do my first round of blog visiting yesterday morning and try to write my Monday post, I discovered the universe hates me because my laptop was not at all cooperative!

Why I Will Likely Kill My Laptop This Year

I am pretty sure my issues are all internet related, but weird thing is, it only happens in my house! Our wifi box or whatever the technical term is--can't really think of it at the moment as the rage is running to strong--is downstairs with our desktop and my room is upstairs just slightly over and to the side from where it's at!

Lately is seems everyday it is getting harder and hard to blog, as the tabs I open are taking longer and longer to load. Even when I limit myself to one at a time, it moves sooooo slow! I don't think it's virus related as I do have a virus scanner on my laptop that I run weekly. But it drives me nuts! Especially when I see the icons on my laptop that tell me I have STRONG wifi connection. And then it doesn't move at ALL! WTF?! 

I'm not very tech savvy, I can usually figure out a few things on my own, but computers have always baffled me when it comes to connection strength and that jazz. I know my laptop works just dandy when I go to public places with the free wifi. Why I can't get it to work in that way in my own house is another matter entirely.

My plan since last year has been to wait until August of this year for the Tax Free Weekend and buy a new computer then! Deals are usually pretty good then and what with the no state tax I know I can save a pretty bundle!

So if I happen to go dormant at any point between now and August it's because my laptop is being most uncooperative and my patience only runs so far! Not sure if it's the brand as I thought I read a few years ago about Toshiba kind of going downhill. Or something about it anyway and why it's not an ideal computer to own anymore.

What brands of computers do you all use? I know I'd like to stick with PCs, so no Apples for me. All my documents and whatnot would have to take a massive converting because EVERYTHING is through Microsoft Office. And I have had BAD experiences with Dell and Samsung, so I avoid those brands like the plague from here on out. But other than those 3...what is the brand of your laptop--if you use laptops--and how satisfied are you? Trying to figure out what brand to go with, so far I'm leaning towards LG or HP.


  1. The HP Spectre is awesome. It's lightweight and super easy to use. That's my recommendation.

    Tanya Patrice

  2. I use Toshiba Satellite. It gets what I want accomplished. You should check out reviews for computers on CNET or PCMag if you want specifics or need help searching.

    The only other thing I will say is that anti-virus software can miss something. New viruses and malware are created every day. It's a matter of keeping up and being cautious. I'm not sure what the issues are with your router or laptop, but I want to remind you that this is why it's brought up as an issue.

  3. I had same issues with my laptop and it mostly boiled down to my laptop was old. I couldn't have too many tabs open it became s-l-o-w. Hubby bought me a new one for Christmas and it's faster. It's a Dell, but I've never owned a Dell before so I'm just figuring it all out. Not sure if I like it over my old Acer though. I already miss the keyboard layout and keep making a ton of typos because keys are spaced differently. And the page up/down, home, end, delete buttons are not in same spots, so that's been fun.

    I hope your laptop will last until you can pick up a new one in August. My old one still works, but has to be plugged in at all times because the battery is toast too. I'm keeping it around as a backup. ;)

    Good luck on narrowing it down to which type you decide to go with.

  4. I have a Dell XP 13, which I love because it's nice and thin and you get a more screen for the size (because they managed to make the borders so tiny). My husband is a techie, so I'll confess that I don't know much---whenever I need something, I just make him do it for me. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  5. I highly recommend not getting an HP. Every one I've had has gone blue screen. I had a Toshiba and I loved it...until I spilled milk on it. Now I have an Asus and I love it, too.

    I would test your internet first. There are different sites you can do to test your internet speed. I'd also unplug all your modem/router to reset it, and call your internet provider. When I lived in my little house, my internet company had to reset some kind of "channels" because they were so very low. They couldn't exactly explain to me how that happened, but it boils down to they were restraining the capacity my router/modem could do for me for wifi. When they realized I had been tracking my speeds with dates and timestamps, suddenly my internet didn't have near as many issues. Try that before you go out and buy a new laptop.

  6. That's sad and I can understand how frustrating an uncooperative laptop can be! Mine got its hard disk damaged (my fault, yes) and for the few days that it was being repaired, everything almost came to a halt because I do almost everything on it--from studying to blogging. I hope you get a new one even if that happens in August :D

    I use a Lenovo which isn't as good as my HP that I had been using through my school years (for like 5 years or something) so I would definitely recommend HP, though Lenovo is fine too :)

  7. I also have problems with my computer, especially regarding the internet connection which prevents me from doing collaboration videos on YouTube. I hope you find a better laptop!


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