Jan 29, 2018

ARC Review--This Fallen Prey by Kelley Armstrong

When Casey Duncan first arrived at Rockton, the off-the-grid, isolated community built as a haven for people running from their pasts, she had no idea what to expect. There are no cell phones, no internet, no mail, and no way of getting in or out without the town council's approval. She certainly didn't expect to become the town homicide detective. But, the very last thing she expected was for the council to drop a dangerous criminal into their midst without a plan to keep him imprisoned. And she never thought that she'd have to be responsible for him.

The longer Oliver Brady stays in town, the more people seem to die around him. When evidence begins piling up that someone inside Rockton is working as his accomplice, Casey races to figure out who exactly Brady is and what crimes he's truly responsible for committing.

I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

We return to Rockton with Casey and Eric in the next exciting and chilling adventure with Kelley Armstrong’s This Fallen Prey! Things get really intense with this one when the council forces Eric to take in a serial killer to hold prisoner for a six months so that his stepfather can then “incarcerate” him on an island somewhere. Nice huh? Only things—naturally—aren’t all what they appear to be.

When the council literally dumps a new “resident” at their feet, Casey, Eric, and the rest of the militia aren’t sure how to handle this. Phil, their in-between guy, only tells them what they need to know. Oliver Brady is a serial killer and his stepfather wants him in Rockton until further accommodations can be made. Though trying to keep a serial killer imprisoned in a town filled with people who were running from extreme violence or other serious matters is a bit tricky. It’s really no surprise when Oliver manages to escape and is running through the woods…woods filled with hostiles and the other residents like Jacob, who have always lived in the woods.

As Casey and Eric try to track him down they continue to find body after body in the woods. And soon the residents of the woods aren’t taking lightly to them being there as well. Will they be able to catch the killer in time? Or will someone else beat them to it…for it appears someone may be hunting them while they hunt for Oliver.

This Fallen Prey was thick with suspense and tension! There was a great deal of mystery to things in a sense because we aren’t really clear on what Oliver did, it will later be revealed but even then it will have your head spinning. There were so many twist and turns to the story that I couldn’t keep a clear idea of who was guilty and who was innocent.

What I am loving about this series is definitely the bigger mystery of them all…which is the council that runs Rockton. There is so much we still don’t really know. Time and again we are presented with characters we were only starting to get to know and are waylaid by new revelations. That continues to happen here. You never really know who you can trust.

Kelley never ceases to amaze me with the words she creates! I adored her paranormal series and I find I am enjoying Rockton just as much as those worlds from before. It’s a suspenseful series that keeps me turning the pages as I am eager to find out the whodunit in time! And with this mystery, it goes way deeper than I ever thought possible! The twists were incredible and I was left reeling for I hadn’t seen that ending coming!! I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a cliffhanger, but it is the first time I felt like things aren’t quite at a calm as they were previously at the endings. I’m anxious to know about the next book already and this one hasn’t even officially released yet!

Kelley has done it again and written yet another mind-blowingly amazingly incredible read! I can’t get enough of the mysteries of Rockton and I hope that this series continues to have a good long run as her previous ones! I am loathe to say goodbye to this world just yet! If you’re a fan of mysteries and suspenseful reads then this is a highly recommended series!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

This Fallen Prey releases February 6, 2018


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