Mar 10, 2014

ATTENTION: New Chloe Neill Series!

Chloe Neill has released the info about her newest series to begin in the summer of 2015! For years I've loved her Chicagloand Vampires and her Dark Elite series that didn't quite go as far, so I am eager for something new!

Here's what she's said on her blog post today:

After humans overcome a shocking attack by supernaturals centered in the Crescent City—the Second Battle of New Orleans—supernaturals are forced into a walled community known as the District. It’s not good—or safe—to have magic, so Claire Connolly risks everything when she uses her secret magic to protect a friend. Claire quickly learns the world is more complicated than she ever knew . . . and allies are hard to come by.

And how cool is it that it's in New Orleans?! So can't wait til I go there in May! And soooo cannot wait for this book either! Will continue to post info as Chloe does!


  1. Yay! I looooove Chloe Neill! So excited for this new series :)

  2. This sounds great!! Maybe a 2015 release will give me enough time to lighten my TBR list. Right.

  3. Honest moment. I had NEVER heard of Chloe Neill until I saw this post! I went to Goodreads to check her out, and oh my gosh. How have I not seen her or her work before?! Thanks so much for this post, Jess! I'm going to pick up the first book in the Chicagoland Vampires series asap. Can't wait for the new series, either!


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