Mar 26, 2014

Review--Savage by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

Who do you run to?

Out in the forest, tensions are blazing like forest fire. The ancient rivalry between the Fenner and Gaudin packs has reached fever pitch, and only a battle will quell the blood lust.

Katelyn is caught in the middle, her pack loyalties tested like never before. The person she needs the most - strong, sexy, loyal Trick - has no idea about her dark secrets. And while werewolf wars are raging, the Hellhound is still out there, stalking her every move.

It's time to take control. It's time to get savage.

Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie's Savage is the conclusion to the Wolf Springs Chronicles--and boy was it hard finding copies of these last two. Not sure what happened there! So given that, my memory of the last one was just as fuzzy as it was when I was reading that one and trying to remember the first book, but luckily, the details that were important get brought up and things ran smoothly after that!

We ended last time with a battle between Fenner and Gaudin where the Gaudins cheated and put silver into the water and air, killing most of the Fenners. Katelyn, due to her immunity to silver, survives as do some of her pack members. But she runs into a bit of trouble when she comes face to face with the Hellhound!

In the aftermath, Katelyn meets a member of the Hounds of God, another group of werewolves dedicated to God and fighting the demons of hell. Basically, they are like a werewolf police force and they want to keep the peace between weres, but if the weres are not accommodating, then the Hounds will kill them all. The existence of werewolves is a vital secret and must be kept from humans and with all the fighting the Fenners and Gaudins do, humans are bound to learn things that should be kept secret. Katelyn has a very short time limit to end the feuding between the packs or else all of them will die.
Savage was quite an exciting read! There was lots of action and oh so many secrets finally get revealed. And of course there is still the romance among Katelyn, Trick and Justin. Yup, another love triangle. If memory serves, this one was definitely hard for me to choose my "team"! I think I actually continued to go back and forth. But before I'm even halfway through, I think I was pretty much set on Trick!

The pacing to this one was incredible! I hadn't expected it to be such a fast paced read what with the challenges Katelyn was facing, but it moved along fairly quick and before I knew it, it was all over! I can't get into all the details, but I have to say I loved that every secret, every mystery we've had from the beginning gets revealed! Like who bit Katelyn, the mystery of the Hellhound, who was killing all the people around town and even tying back to the mystery of Katelyn's father's death! It was freaking awesome! I mean the answers were just rolling off the pages and it's always so exciting when that happens. I loved the shock factor, because I was shocked several times over with this one!

Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie are without a doubt one of my most favorite author duos! In fact, they were my first author duo wayyyyy back when the Wicked series first published back in 2002. Which was another of my treasured Paranormal YA gems that I found before the genre took off! And let me tell you, waiting seven years to the conclusion to that series about killed me too! Glad I didn't have that issue with this series!

If you're looking for a Paranormal YA series with werewolves and a really good mystery element, this is the trilogy for you! All the books were pretty fast paced, from what I can recall and are enjoyable reads through and through! My only complaint is my lack of memory and trying to track these books down in order to read them!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

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