Mar 4, 2014

Mini Review--First by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Levi POV Novella

Levi's got it all. He's a paranormal prince with more money and power than he knows what to do with, but something is missing—a mate. He only has until college graduation to find her.

Allie's perfect but she wants nothing to do with him. When attraction becomes something more, will he take a chance and show her who he really is or will he lose everything?

Alyssa Rose Ivy's Crescent Chronicles soon became one of my favorite New Adult series, for it's actually a Paranormal New Adult! So very few of those these days. First is Levi's point of view story, from the beginning. Basically book 1, shortened, in Levi's eyes. And while I love this series, I have to say that Levi didn't really win me over in the beginning.

Granted I liked him, but we learn that he wants Allie just as another conquest for him. He isn't keen on settling down or finding his true mate. He wants to have fun. Like any other college boy, for him girls and sex are fun and he wants that kind of fun with Allie. But Allie, isn't too fond of him to begin with. And so, Levi finds himself working extra hard to win her affections, and soon his feelings become genuine.

Really, really liked this one! It's pretty much Levi's whole point of view for the novel up to the point he tells Allie what he is. Which I think is a perfect place to end it. Like with any male point of view story, I was completely wowed by it all. I was leery of Levi in the beginning of Flight, and the beginning of First proved I was right to be so, but as with Flight, I grew to love Levi by the end.

First is definitely worth a read if you've read Flight! In fact, I highly recommend it! Haven't read Flight? Well, good news! You can still read this one. Granted, you'll know all about Levi and what he is, which was a big reveal to Flight, but what's the harm in knowing?

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

This read was read for the COYER Challenge


  1. 5/5!!! New adult paranormal! I've got to make sure this is on my TBR and check it out - I totally trust you on this :D The series sounds awesome!!!

  2. Ooh, I'm definitely going to have to get to this series soon, Jessica. I'm so glad you liked this novella from Levi's POV. Nice review!

  3. I will have to add this one to my TBR List. I haven't heard of this series but it seem totally worth checking out.
    Awesome Review!!


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