Mar 6, 2014

Random Thursday

Okay it's time for the first blooper of the Disney Desk Calendar 2014! Although few might consider it a blooper, but I do. 

Here we have a scene from the end of Tangled. It says: Flynn Rider (reformed thief) and Princess Rapunzel: A love story.

Okay, my beef here is that they're calling him FLYNN RIDER! At this point he's going by Eugene again! It seems Disney doesn't want to market that. He's forever Flynn. 

Yes, this is what he says his name is and all, but he says it used to be Eugene Fitzherbert, but he changed it because he wanted to lead a daring and exciting life!

He meets Rapunzel, falls in love and then at the end he even says he started going by Eugene again! So why must Disney continue to call him Flynn in all things? Especially here?! It would be one thing if it showed him with Rapunzel pre-haircut since he hasn't said he's going by Eugene again, but that's not the case.

This has been yet another rant from a perfectionist and Disney fan! :D

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  1. Okay, I get why they would call him Flynn in the marketing side of things. I think it's especially for the people who haven't seen the movie. They know him as Flynn Rider so if they saw Eugene they'd probably be like 'who the hell is Eugene?'
    Same reason why most marketing shows Rapunzel with long hair even though she cuts it at the end. Again, it would kind of ruin it for the people who haven't seen the movie.

    BTW-have you read the Lunar Chonicles books by Marissa Meyer? You would love them! I'm on Cress right now which is about Rapunzel and it's so much fun!


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