Mar 7, 2014

Cover Art Reveal--Mortal Gods

Saw the cover for Kendare Blake's next Goddess Wars book and decided to share it here! Now seeing the paperback cover and wondering at the difference suddenly makes sense! Apparently the pubs are changing the cover look. 

And honestly, I can't decide which I like better. I've always had a fondness for the first cover look of a series, but this one actually seems pretty cool too!

No official cover description, but Jen at I Read Banned Books--where I initially saw the cover--found an unofficial cover description from another source!

And here we can compare the look of Antigoddess, the hardcover (left) and the new paperback cover on the right! Still has the feathers and blood going on and it's pretty freaking awesome! Debating if it will be one of those books that I have to buy even though I have the hardcover and read it! We shall wait and see. But yeah, definitely liking the new look!

Will post the official Mortal Gods cover description once it becomes available!

Mortal Gods releases September 1, 2014

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