Mar 21, 2014

Just Wow...Disney Timeline Theory!

Okay, so I just got done reading this article on Yahoo. You heard of the Disney Easter Eggs right? I've mentioned a few, like Rapunzel and Eugene coming to Elsa's coronation. And then of course there's Belle wandering through Paris in The Hunchback of Norte Dame; Sebastian popping up in Aladdin, the Genie's lamp and the magic carpet popping up in New Orleans in the Princess and the Frog.

So then I learn that Disney has LOTS of these Easter Eggs! More than I mentioned in a post a year or so ago! I was reading through them all and then even read another article that really likes to take a spin on the Easter Eggs that basically connects nearly ALL the Disney movies ever!

One theory of it being that Elsa and Anna's parents had gone to see Rapunzel as a baby and when their ship crashed into the ocean on the way home, well that might have happened near Ariel's place! And so on and so on!

It really was quite educational! I almost thought to turn each point into a Random Thursday post, but then it just got so long and detailed! I thought even each point would take too long!

So I decided to leave you guys the link to read the article and while reading that, you can click the other links that take you to even further detailed timelines. It's totally recommend for all Disney fans!


  1. This is so awesome! Thank you very much for sharing :D I would've enjoyed the separate Random Thursdays with all these theories though. I vote you come back to it if you run out of things to talk about. I'd heard the Alladin one and saw Rapunzel in Frozen, but all of these other ideas were new to me. I like the Ariel connection. It seems really plausible. Happy weekend! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  2. I think this is a pretty awesome theory! I love how everything is so connected. I read one Pixar theory where it said that all the Pixar movies are connected, not necessarily chronological. Went to check this out right after reading your comment on my blog. Thanks for sharing, Jessica! :)

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas


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