Mar 22, 2018

Mini-ish Review--We Can Be Mended by Veronica Roth

We Can Be Mended is a short-story epilogue that focuses on Four and takes place five years after Allegiant, the conclusion of the Divergent series.

Some time ago, Veronica Roth decided she wasn’t quite done with the world of Divergent. Allegiant had ended the way she wanted it to but then she realized there was still a part of the story that hadn’t been told. So she wrote it for herself, We Can Be Mended is the short little story that takes place five years after Allegiant. This was initially the pre-order incentive for Carve the Mark, but is now available to all in the paperback version of said book.

Five years after the events of Allegiant, Tobias finds himself at a reunion of sorts in the old Dauntless headquarters. He reunites with some of the friends he hadn’t seen in a while, who were there when everything went down back then. Christina is there as well and the two get to talking and remembering things when everything first started in Divergent. Tobias is still grieving Tris and at least once a year he puts himself through enduring his fears again. There’s still four of them, but they’ve changed and naturally one of them is seeing Tris die. It’s strange to fear something that has already happened, but I take it that Tobias would rather take any form of Tris than no Tris at all.

I heard somewhere that Veronica once thought to have Christina and Four become a couple instead of Tris. For some reason I had never heard that during my reading of the series, but knowing that now, I can see why things turned out the way they did in this little story. It was about Tobias letting go and moving on, something Tris would’ve wanted for him.

It’s truly short little story and one I really enjoyed. I am glad Veronica wrote this because I remember feeling such sadness for Tobias at the end of Allegiant. This is definitely the ending that the series truly deserved.

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


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