Mar 8, 2018

Random Thursday

So instead of jumping back into the Disney book again, I thought I'd share a few calendar pages that presented some interesting Disney factoids!

(image borrowed from Disney Movies)
Did you know that The Aristocats was originally planned to be a live action 2 part film for the Disney TV show, The Wonderful World of Color? I personally never did!

(image borrowed from Lady and the Tramp Wiki)
Did you know in the original script for Lady and the Tramp, Trusty, the lovable bloodhound was going to die trying to chase the dog catcher and rescue Tramp? Luckily, Walt gave the order that Trusty must LIVE! Thank goodness!! I can imagine the tears I would've had! I can imagine the tears my niece would've had! She cried in Peter Pan because Nana was put outside one night instead of staying with the Darling children! 

This is the actual page from the calendar and I pulled it, not for any inaccurate wordage, but the odd outfit Prince Phillip is wearing! I mean those colors are all wrong! I can't help but wonder if maybe in the original 1959 film if he had these colors and they were "re-done" in the "re-masterings"? Or if this was an early concept sketch and wasn't finalized. There are many possible reasons as to why the boy is wearing red and gold and a white cape instead of his usual red and blue number.

Which is another thing, while confirming his outfit in the movie, I realize the boy went and changed his clothes before coming down with Aurora!! He was wearing his "causal" black and brown outfit he wears when traveling the woods and then after waking Aurora he comes to the ballroom in his fancy suit! What's up with that?! LOL!


  1. Always fun seeing what you share and learning a bit more about the Disney world.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. These facts are so interesting! I absolutely adore everything Disney and didn't know these! I would have loved to see The Aristocats as a live action. Have you seen the teaser trailer for the new live-action Winnie the Pooh? It looks cute! And I'm so happy Disney made that call that the bloodhound lives- it would have changed the whole feel of the movie if he didn't. Happy reading!

  3. Well this is interesting. I'm really glad they didn't kill Trusty off!

  4. A live action aristocats? Hard pass.

    And yeah, someone got a bit too creative with Prince Phillip's outfit!


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