Mar 29, 2018

Random Thursday

So it's the final day for Disney Facts Revealed: Answers to Fans' Curious Questions by Dave Smith! This was an interesting book, but sadly not what I was expecting! Too many fan "interest" questions wondering about random things rather than trivial. I guess that was what I was have these more iconic random questions that I could spout off for interesting factoids! LOL!

(image borrowed from Gravity Falls Wiki)
According to Alex Hirsch, the show's creator, Gravity Falls is animated by hand!

Kicking it old school! I like it! Need to see the rest of the episodes though...

(image borrowed from The Wrap)
The Walt Disney Company was originally called Disney Brothers but was later changed by Roy O. Disney. Roy did this because he said that "Walt was the creative one, it was Walt's name that should be on the company."

That's brotherly love right there!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
Walt's position title at the time of his death was executive producer.

(image borrowed from Pinterest)
I am fairly certain I found the right photo, but one fan asked in Walt ever wore the famous Mickey Ears. He did! And I found it where the book said it "should" be!

Also, did you know that Walt only went to high school for a year? Never went to college and look where he ended up!! For some reason I don't think I recall learning that he only went to high school for a year, but due to the timing it makes sense.

(image borrowed from giphy)
Like with Lady and the Tramp, Walt gave his wife, Lilly, a puppy in a hatbox. This was used as inspiration for Lady and the Tramp!! Lilly's puppy ended up being named Sunnee.

(image borrowed from eBay)
At the 20th Anniversary Surprise Parade at Walt Disney World there were special coins that were given out during the parade. The fan said she had a gold and purple one, and Dave says there was also green. Well, as you can see there was a blue one and (not pictured) a red one too! There was a similar parade in Disneyland called Party Gras Parade which ran most of the year in 1990. In Disney World the parade mentioned earlier ran from fall of 1991 until 1994 though Dave says they had different coins (possibly design?) in gold, blue, and green, but again also red! Not sure why he's not mentioning red. I KNOW there's a red one! LOL!

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