Mar 22, 2018

Random Thursday

Time for another rousing round of Disney Facts Revealed: Answers to Fans' Curious Questions by Dave Smith! 

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The first Disney roller coaster to have a loop was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril at Disneyland Paris in 1993. There was also (assuming in the same park) Space Mountain in 1995 and in other parks was Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and California Screamin'.

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"The first Disney video game that was released were Tron games for Mattel Electronics' Intellivision and Atari in 1982."

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The origin of the Buena Vista name comes from the street where Disney Studio is located. The company moved to this street in 1940. When Disney set up its own film distribution company in 1953, the name was an easy choice!

I feel like this is common knowledge, yet I feel like sharing it anyway!

(image borrowed from Fred Allen's Old Time Radio Home)
Before Radio Disney came about, Disney's first radio series was known as Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air. It was heard on NBC in 1938, and Walt Disney did the voice of Mickey Mouse!

(image borrowed from Gas Mask and Respirator Wiki)
This gas mask in the shape of Mickey Mouse is said to be the most unusual item in the Archives. It was produced by the Sun Rubber Co. for use in England during WWII. It as thought that kids might be more willing to carry their gas mask around if it looked like Mickey!

That's definitely odd! And maybe a tad creepy looking.

(image borrowed from Disney Parks Wiki)
Tokyo Disneyland has a Cinderella castle, much like the one in Walt Disney World. It's different from the US one in that, at one point, there was a Mystery Tour that highlighted some of the famed Disney villains!

I'd want to go on that tour if I ever had the chance to visit! They'd need to reinstate that tour then! Lol!!

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As of the then upcoming movie Ant-Man in 2015, there were 700 Disney theatrical features!

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