Mar 24, 2018

The Search Continues...

For a roommate at The Origin Event! I've been meaning to post this post for weeks, but March has been crazy busy! I do my blog posts on the weekends and this is the first weekend where I am not wrapped up in some event.

So once again I just want to say that I am DEFINITELY attending The Origin Event this November! I've bought my ticket and I've got a room at the event hotel booked! I have 2 Queens so if anyone wants to go as far as 4 to a room, I'm down with that! I would just love to go to this event with a blogger pal! I've found that author events like this are much more fun when you have a friend to go with.

Anyone planning on going to this and want to bunk up? Do you know anyone going who might need to bunk up with a pal at the hotel? I REALLY want to meet up with other bloggers at this event so don't be shy! Send me an email (mine can be found in my review policy tab) or send me a tweet or DM! I'm super shy as it is too, so making myself write one of these posts each month is something of an amazing feat! Lol!

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