Jan 13, 2021

ARC Review--The Keeper by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Some secrets are meant to be shared...

Derrik Ray is angry. He’s been sent to guard supernatural secrets on a remote island populated mostly by inmates at a high security prison. His plan is to keep his head down and find a way out of the mess—until he meets Dinah.

Dinah is tired. She’s tired of convincing herself she did the right thing taking the blame for a murder in order to protect a friend. She’s made it five years believing her freedom was worth the sacrifice—until she meets Derrik.

When a science experiment goes haywire and another body is found on the mainland, Derrik and Dinah must turn to each other in order to save what they hold most dear.

*New Adult Paranormal Romance*




I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.


Alyssa Rose Ivy is starting a brand new world series that will spin off of the classic Chronicles World! The Keeper starts off the Chronicle Tales and brings with it a new group of characters, with a familiar face as well. Dinah is the niece of a very familiar someone, who confessed to a murder she didn’t commit and was sentenced to paranormal prison for it. Derrik is now the Keeper of said prison/island; a job he didn’t ask for or was prepared for but had to take because of certain circumstances.

Let’s just say this book starts off with a lot we don’t know, a lot of mysteries that I am positive will be answered within time. We know from the get-go that Dinah didn’t murder a very prominent Pteron that led to her imprisonment, she’s protecting her very dear friend who did the killing for her. We’ll learn there was a very dark reason why the Pteron was murdered.

Meanwhile we have Derrik who has taken on the mysterious role of Keeper on this island that houses a prison, a laboratory, and the Keeper’s house with all its secrets that require protecting. He doesn’t really know what he signed up for, but he has his reasons for needing to get away from his old life to accept this new job.

So, as I said, there’s a lot of strange mysteries building up around here that we only just brush the surface of. But to help wet our whistle, we do learn that another murder (off the island) has occurred, one that has eerie similar qualities to the murder that Dinah “supposedly” committed herself. And since she’s locked away…yeah, that definitely brought up some excitement!

Things are being set into place to build up to something huge! Since this is the first book in a new series, and a new world series spinoff, we had a bit of groundwork to cover. Fans of the classic Chronicles series will have no trouble catching onto certain things and new fans who want to start here will be in the right place as Alyssa mentions this will be a new world series (with a few familiar faces here and there).

The book wasn’t without its romance either. One might worry at first there would be a more creepy Stockholm Syndrome thing going on since Dinah is a prisoner, but never fear there is absolutely none of that! By getting both Dinah and Derrik’s perspectives we know exactly how they are feeling about certain things. The connection between them is absolutely mind-blowing! Like many in the Chronicles world, these star-crossed lovers have found each other and feel that absolute connection with the other without being able to say what it is exactly. While there are a few kisses exchange there’s no true serious moving forward with one another, but there was definitely something else that will leave your head spinning!

The Keeper ends with quite cliffhanger too! Like this is seriously one of those cliffhangers that will leave you desperate for more and the wait will be agonizing! There is a lot left unsaid at the end of this one with a lot of uncertainties, but that is just the building stones to what is sure to be an incredible new series to enjoy!


Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars


The Keeper releases January 14, 2021






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