Jan 21, 2021

Random Thursday


We're almost halfway through the article that tells us 49 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Every Single Ride at Disney World by Fiona Clair! I'm excited to learn more about the rest of the rides...and also very eager to visit Disney again so I can see the things! Lol!

As mentioned before all pictures not credited are borrowed from the article itself. Link to article to come at the end of the reveals!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

The PeopleMover passes a unique piece of Disney history, the model for the piece known as Progress City. This was one of the earliest designs for Disney's Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.


I don't think I ever rode this one.



The Tomorrowland Speedway was once sponsored by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It started with the name Grand Prix Raceway on opening day in 1971 and was updated in the 90s with the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway and in the late 2000s dropped the "Indy."

I feel like I vaguely remember this! 



(image borrowed from Youtube)

The Disney railroad trains are named after important Disney people; Walter E. Disney, Roy Disney (Disney's bro), Lily Belle (Disney's wife), Roger E. Broggie (the designer of the railroads at the park).

That's cool!

The vehicles and track in Frozen Ever After were used from the previous ride, The Maelstrom. Some of the other props were reused as well.

This I remember as well!

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)

Of the three Caballeros, only Panchito is from Mexico. Donald is American, and Jose Carioca is from Brazil.

I didn't know this growing up! That was an eye-opener!

Disney had to make a less intense version of Mission: Space as the original one left guests feeling dizzy and nauseous. 

I think that's why I never rode it myself...even this redesigned one!

(image borrowed from Walt Disney World)

The mascot from Journey Into Imagination was inspired by Magnum, P.I. Magnum said in an episode, "It was just a figment of your imagination." And so, Figment was born!

Another attraction I don't think I ever saw.



The veggies and fish you see in Living with the Land are used in Disney restaurants.

Well, that's logical!



Soarin' Around the World customizes the scents you smell when flying over certain locations.


I can't remember scents all that well, I remember breezes and mist though! But scents make sense! Lol. 

Disney reused some audio-animatronics from Magic Kingdom's Hall of Presidents in Spaceship Earth. 

Okay, this is sad, but I didn't really realize there was ever anything in Spaceship Earth! Needless to say, I spent little time at Epcot!

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