Jan 1, 2021

Mini Review--Shadow's Legacy by Julie Kagawa


A new novella set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Iron Fey series! This magical short story is the prelude to a new trilogy in Julie Kagawa’s brilliant faery world, The Iron Fey: Evenfall.

A royal wedding, a mysterious assassin, a new threat to all of Faery…

Friends and family gather to celebrate the wedding of the Iron Queen Meghan Chase’s brother…but one wedding guest feels more melancholic than the rest. The King of the Forgotten can’t forget his own lost love and slips away from the festivities…only to be attacked by a strange faery who calls him a fraud and a false king. Now the two must form a wary alliance to track a strange new threat, a creature of rage and hatred that threatens the newfound peace of Faery, in the opening to a grand new adventure in the enthralling world of the Iron Fey.




Julie Kagawa returns to the world of The Iron Fey with a brand new series starting in February. Until then you begin the journey with Shadow's Legacy in which we see Keirran getting ready to attend a very special wedding. But what's a wedding without a little chaos?

Kierran has been adjusting to his new role as the King of the Forgotten. He knows he still has a lot to make up for due to his actions. He betrayed his friends and all of Faery trying to do what he thought was right for the Forgotten Queen, but they were not of like mind anymore and he killed her. But not everyone forgets, though his friends Ethan and Kenzie have already forgiven him.

It was meant to be a special day for Ethan and Kenzie as they were about to get married when Puck's little wedding gift got a bit out of hand. Trying to help his friends out and save the wedding from a disaster, Kierran finds himself staring down a new threat, one named Nyx who is looking for the Forgotten Queen.

It's been five years since I read the end of Ethan's trilogy and there have been many books since then. I can't remember everything but I do remember Kierran not being exactly what he thought he was. This was sort of a nice redeeming story for Kierran, though it does seem he still has a lot more to do to earn everyone's forgiveness back.

I was a bit baffled that this story was starring Kierran, since the next book stars Puck. Thankfully, that's my next read, so answers ahoy! My guess is that Kierran and Puck may be crossing paths again. It will definitely be something to see!

I've always found Julie's novellas to be fun little reads between books. They prove to be insightful as well to what's to come for the characters. This one presents a bit of a pickle though since there looks like a change in heroes, but I'm eager to find out what will happen! Plus, any Julie Kagawa read is a good idea anyway!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

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