Jan 7, 2021

Random Thursday

So the other month...yeah, I got ahead of myself in blogging once and I kept at it! Lol! I came across this fun article about 49 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Every Single Ride at Disney World by Fiona Clair! I'll share the article link at the end so you can read it all in full if you so choose!

All pictures are borrowed from the article unless noted.

It's a Small World was designed for the World's Fair in 1964 at New York.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

The Astro Orbiter was originally called Star Jets. It was renamed in 1994 during a large Tomorrowland renovation.

There's a supernatural backstory to Thunder Mountain. Though it may be hard to catch when zooming through the rid. The supernatural theme comes from the fact the miners who are looking for gold on the mountain are being haunted by runaway trains that roam the mountain. So I guess that makes us the ghosts?

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

The purpose of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is to hit targets with a laser to score points. Although, even if you never hit a target but keep firing your laser, you will get a minimum score of 1300 which puts you in the Level 2: Space Ace bracket.

Dumbo was one of the original rides at opening day in Walt Disney World. It operates on two carousels that operate simultaneously. 

The Jungle Cruise was originally intended to be a serious ride. It was also planned to have real animals. but for safety and financial reasons the idea was changed into what it is today!

(image borrowed from Youtube)

Mary Blair is the artist behind It's a Small World as well as creating the teacups for the Mad Tea Party! She actually came up with the teacup idea for Disneyland, but the idea was used in Disney World as well.

(image borrowed from AllEars)

Have you noticed in the nursery, before taking off to Neverland that the blocks along the floor of the room spell out words like "Disney" and "P Pan?"

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney World almost wasn't what it was. It started out as the Western River Expedition. It didn't last long before they decided to recreate the iconic Disneyland ride though.



(image borrowed from Walt Disney World)

The original Liberty Square riverboat was named after Admiral Joe Fowler. He was a retired navy admiral who worked with Disney to oversee the construction of both parks. The other riverboat named after a real person who worked with Disney was Richard F. Irvine who was a former Disney executive and designed. But the boat has since been renamed to Liberty Belle.

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