Nov 22, 2022

Let's Discuss: Two Weeks Without WiFi


Hey all! I am back with WiFi and it's soooo good to be here again! I felt positively lost without being able to be in the blogosphere--despite the fact that it seems to be a dying breed! In my almost two weeks without access to WiFi it became so clear how dependent we are on WiFi as a society and it made me sad...while at the same time craving the access it gives me to the world! Lol.

Two Weeks Without WiFi

It shouldn't surprise anyone how dependent on technology society has become. It's why Tracy Deebs' aka Tracy Wolff's book Doomed terrified me! I mean, someone could really do THAT and what would become of us as a society?! Since I wasn't able to use my phone as a hotspot outside of work reasons, I could only access the internet through my phone and let me tell you...that is not the same! Trying to read and comment on posts became so difficult. Sometimes I was not allowed to comment at all because I was not allowed to log into the account I was already logged into!

Then I wanted to try to do "research." Aka looking up bookish things or shopping internationally for books--I bet you can guess what author/series that was for! Lol! And it's just insanely hard to do these things! I was like omg, I just want to type things out with two hands and not do the one finger tap to write out an extremely long comment or email address or password--as I don't always utilize that "save password" function on my phone for that irrational fear if I lose this and someone gets it, they will have access to this account...if they somehow think to get to that account! I mean, if a bad bookish person gets a hold of it, they'd get to shop at the bookish merch shops I sometimes save my info for!

In the meantime when I would try to do other things around the house, it was so quiet as I didn't have the TV on to play some mindless show in the background. I did eventually dig out my DVDs and had some mindless things playing to entertain myself with. But there were so many times I found myself itching to look something up and realized I was just stuck with my phone if I wanted to do that and somethings are harder to do with a small screen--even with the growing size of cell phones!

So yes, I was practically twitching with anxiety without being able to be fully in the bookish world through blogging! I know 90% of the bloggers I use to know from day 1 have given it all up. But I still find comfort in it and not being able to visit and comment properly for the week drove me crazy! When I go on a week-long vacation I know I take a break or even long weekend ones too and I will still scroll through posts and stuff to stay somewhat up to date and I can handle a few days off here and there, but the solid amount of time I was gone was killing me inside. I am so glad the WiFi was installed today and I can immerse myself in the blogosphere once more!

So I have to ask, what do you do when you find yourself without WiFi for a prolong period of time? Do you enjoy the break or do you find yourself itching to get back to things? I mean, I know they say a break from technology is good for you, but it drove me insane practically as blogging is just apart of me...again, even though it's a dying practice! Lol.

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