Mar 15, 2023

COVER REVEAL--The Alice Curse by Megan Van Dyke

Here is the cover for Megan Van Dyke's next amazing new fairy tale retelling! Wonderland is getting a whole new Alice!

Wonderland must always have an Alice, and Eliza Carroll is the next.

Eliza flees her parent’s political machinations only to stumble into another world and the arms of a man named Finn, who declares her the next Alice. Finn, nicknamed the White Rabbit for the form he can shift into, was sent to find the new Alice and bring her to court, for only she can declare whether Red or White reigns. Not to mention he’ll lose his head if he fails.

For Eliza to get home and Finn to survive, they’ll have to navigate two treacherous courts and their growing feelings for one another, while trying to unravel the curse that forces the Carroll women to journey to Wonderland. But a path to freedom for them both may be more than the magic of Wonderland can conjure…even for its new Alice.
Release Date: April 25, 2023
Series: Reimagined Fairy Tales
Reading Order: Book 3; however, the book stands alone. It is not necessary to have read the other two books in the series to understand and appreciate this one. 
Retelling Of: Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance / Fairy Tale Retelling
Spice Level: Steamy (more than one on-page sex scene)
***Potential Triggers: Adult language, drinking, explicit consensual sex, "special" (hallucinogenic) tea, mild violence and blood, kidnapping of an adult, loss of a grandparent (off page, but recent & referenced frequently), loss of a parent (off page, remembered), physical spousal abuse (not to the FMC or MMC, off page, referenced and alluded to), childhood trauma (off page, referenced), infidelity (not the FMC or MMC, off page, referenced).


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