Mar 13, 2023

Let's Discuss: Water Bottle Observations


Okay time for a totally random and oddball discussion...aka a mini rant! Lol. I've been in the slow process of trying to find a new water bottle for when I exercise and I am having a hell of a time trying to find one similar to my current one which I love, but is getting pretty banged up with dents and such. I mean I could keep using it still I guess, but I was just wanting to look for a backup for when the day comes that it's totally shot.

Water Bottle Observations

My first and foremost problem is trying to find one that is for a person who exercises and does not need to bring a megaton bottle around that is SOOOO thick you can't even hold it one handed! I get that some people like buying the JAMBO, yes, JAMBO because it's bigger than a jumbo size one, so that they can have all the water for the day in one bottle. I get it. I just want a nice 20oz maybe 24oz for exercising. A one-and-done kind of activity. But it is SOOO hard!

If I do find one of the right size my next problem is the LID! I mean what is with all these screw top lids for a water bottle? Does no one run on treadmills and drink water AT THE SAME TIME? You can't necessarily free up both hands to unscrew a water bottle! I mean I use an elliptical, so I need at least one hand to keep my balance as my legs keep pedaling and the other hand opens the water bottle! My current one has a flip top lid that I can flick with my thumb and chug away!

My second complaint/issue becomes how freaking BIG these "mouth holes" are! I mean, are you drinking the water or pouring it down your body because HOLY COW these things are huge! Water would go all over the place if I bought what was readily available! It's unbelievable! I feel like these water bottles are for fashionistas, people who don't need the actual hardcore use of needing a decent water bottle but want to look fashionable as they drink water. I mean, does you hand not ever slip just the tiniest fraction to send water flowing up your nose or dribbling down your chin? Come on!

I've found a few that have built in straws. My only issue here is wondering if I will be able to get ever sip out of the bottle because I use a straw occasionally in a regular glass and you really need to finangle the straw around sometimes to get that last whisp of beverage!

So yes, I'm having a helluva time trying to find a decent backup water bottle that is similar to what I already have! I kind of wish I could go back in time however many years ago that was when I bought my current one and tell myself BUY 2! BUY 2! Lol.

End of rant. Lol. Sometimes it just feels good to have a good rant here on my blog! It's a weird thing to complain about, but when you get set in your ways like I do, you tend to want to stick with what works and not succumb to what you know will not work at all for your situation.

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