Mar 27, 2023

Let's Discuss: Not My Fandom


So I thought of another thing to discuss! This time the idea came to me when I got my March Owl Crate box! I hadn't actually gotten one in awhile because the book either wasn't one I really wanted or the other fandoms involved were not ones I could get behind. Which then sparked the idea!

Not My Fandom

Do you get book boxes with all the items? I did recently switch to the Fairy Loot book only which I like...but then they'll have a OUABH or Caraval item that has me wishing I still got the full box. Luckily that only happens occasionally! But with Owl Crate they are still an all or nothing kind of box. This month, I was curious about the book and ONE item in the box was a OUABH pin! So I thought, let's do it! The rest of the items weren't my fandoms, except for one, but the item itself is not the best quality.

But then it got me thinking, they always say--and pretty much have to for selling purposes--that the items are always "great to use" even if they are not representing your fandom. But then it gets me thinking...why would I want to use an item--in public--that isn't a fandom I "support?" I equate it to being a Green Bay Packers fan but then yet you receive a NY Giants sweatshirt as a you wear it? When you really needed the sweatshirt to begin with. I mean if you do wear it, other Giants fans might strike a conversation with you, then you have to be like, "oh, no. I don't like them. I just needed a sweatshirt today because it's 30 degrees out."

I feel like this is what will come about if I were to sport an item representing a book that I did not like. Someone might want to strike a conversation about how awesome it was, did I read the recent book? Do I respond with "I read the first one and couldn't stand it. I just needed a cup for my drink today?" It just seems harsh and maybe a bit rude. I mean obviously, I wouldn't go "oh I hated that freaking book. This was just the first cup I grabbed for the day!" Obviously there's censorship involved when it comes to that. But it's awkward too. I mean, we as book people wouldn't want to do that--the sporting a fandom in public that we can not get behind.

So then that leaves me with a box filled with items I won't be able to use because the items represent fandoms that are not mine. Yes, they are still perfectly good items...I just wouldn't want to use them in public to stir the pot. Would I still want to use said cup in the privacy of my home even though I have plenty of other cups...probably not.

My question then for you is, can you get behind using items that "support" fandoms that are not your fandoms? Would you use them in public situations should they call for it, like a cup or something that you would have cause to use in public?

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