Mar 4, 2023

Let's Discuss: Finding the Reviews


I was just writing up some blog posts and ever since I took one vacation some odd years ago, I started blogging ahead so that the once popular memes I participated in would still go up on their scheduled day. I still do this in fact. Although somewhere down the line I got myself a few weeks ahead and now I'm just about a month ahead with regular posts!

So anyway, I was writing up a Book Blogger Hop post for April and the question really got me much that I decided to turn it into a discussion post! Yup. But since I blogged ahead, you're seeing my full answer here first!

Where Do You Read Book Reviews?

So are there still any readers out here? Way back in the day when I first started blogging I discovered a wonderful community of people who liked to read the same kind of books I did! And sometimes they would read the books I was on the fence about. Ones I wasn't sure I wanted to read for whatever reason. So when they read and reviewed the book I would read ALL their reviews on it! Whatever blogger I followed who read and reviewed it, I read their review!

This helped me IMMENSELY! I like to know what fellow readers of the same genre thought about this book or that book that I was somewhat interested it, but also hesitant to read.

Now with the blogging community at an all time low, I find it hard to make these decisions on my own. I am reverting back to what I did wayyyy back before blogging and just going by gut instinct. Sometimes my gut would say, alright, let's give it a try. Other times, there would be that little voice that says, don't do it! Look at that one tagline RIGHT THERE!!! It's clearly going to be something you won't like!

So yeah...there's a lot of mental debate going on up there! Nowadays it really becomes more like ARE YOU SURE? You have 400+ titles to read already, do you NEED to read this one? Is it special? Does it SPEAK to you? Almost the same questions except for that reminder of my TBR number. Lol. Honestly it's 50/50 if I go for it or not! 

But yeah, how do you make your book reading decisions these days? I do occasionally refer to Goodreads for help, trying to look to see if friends have read said book and that can help me in my decision making process as well. I honestly miss the bloggers though. Though I still post my reviews to Amazon, I kind of abhor it! I don't trust the reviewers there anymore. I'd rather read their same review on Goodreads. If they post there, then I know they are book people. I only trust book people's book reviews.

So got off topic again, kinda, how do you make your book reading decisions? When there's that book you kind of want to read but are hesitant...what do you do first?

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