Mar 23, 2023

Review--The Iron Sword by Julie Kagawa


As Evenfall nears, the stakes grow ever higher for those in Faery…

Banished from the Winter Court for daring to fall in love, Prince Ash achieved the impossible and journeyed to the End of the World to earn a soul and keep his vow to always stand beside Queen Meghan of the Iron Fey.

Now he faces even more incomprehensible odds. Their son, King Keirran of the Forgotten, is missing. Something more ancient than the courts of Faery and more evil than anything Ash has faced in a millennium is rising as Evenfall approaches. And if Ash and his allies cannot stop it, the chaos that has begun to divide the world will shatter it for eternity.





The Iron Sword is Julie Kagawa’s second installment of The Iron Fey: Evenfall trilogy and is told from Ash’s point of view! I was excited to get back in Ice Boy’s point of view. It had been awhile since I read The Iron Raven but I adjusted pretty well to the time gap and diving into the continuing story at large. Sadly, this one did read sort of as a middle book and I found myself slagging as the story went on.

Ash, Meghan, Puck, and Nyx are aware that a darker evil is coming, one that Puck recently dealt with and almost lost himself to. But the more pressing problem for the quartet at the moment is the missing Keirran. So they begin a long-winded journey to find him and try to figure out what exactly is going on in their world that is slowly having a negative effect on the mortal world.

An ancient evil is rising and this time everyone will be in danger, be they fairy or mortal. It will be up to our favorite gang to put the pieces together and try to stop the end of both worlds. I absolutely loved that we had everyone we know and love in this installment! Not only do we have our favorite quartet, but Kenzie and Ethan return as well. Whether they will continue to have a role in the final installment is unclear. I hope so, but only time will tell.

I will admit that this book did move a little slower than anticipated. It felt very “middle” book of a trilogy, so take that into consideration when diving in. There was still excitement and adventure to be had. At times things did seem a little slow, but they did begin to pick up towards the end.

I loved being back in Ash’s point of view! It’s been eons since I last read The Iron Knight, but Ash is still as enjoyable as ever! He still maintains some of his moodiness despite having his soul and being happy with Meghan and I am all for that! I love that Meghan and Ash have still maintained a loving relationship all this time. I was excited that Grimalkin was still around and being his usual self, I love that cait sith! His attitude is spot on for a face cat creature!

The ending was pretty epic and that definitely made up for the slower pace from the beginning. We’re down to the final book, one final adventure between friends and once foe. I am excited to see how it will all come to an end and hoping Julie won’t make me cry! If you have yet to start this epic saga Kagawa has created, I would highly recommend starting it and at the beginning! It is definitely a series that must be enjoyed chronologically but on the plus side, you’ve got no wait between books if you plan to binge and what may be the final book is releasing this May, so you won’t have too long to wait! This has been one of my favorite series that has seen me through my blogging years from the very beginning! Though the series may very likely be coming to an end, my blog sure won’t! Don’t miss out on this truly amazing and epic series!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars



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