Aug 21, 2011

In My Mailbox

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Well it was a pretty slow week for book buying, not that I'm complaining or anything since my TBR pile is huge! But it was still eventful!

First I got a SIGNED copy of Blood Secrets by Jeannie Holmes that I can't wait to read:

Thanks again, Jeannie!

Then I bought:

Nocturne by Syrie James

Then in a contest I won:

Kitty's Big Trouble by Carrie Vaughn

Which I do already have so I might save this for another contest or trade if anyone's interested. Not sure what I'll do just yet!

Then from S&S Galley Grab I finally got:

The Pledge by Kimberly Derting

I love her Body Finder series so I decided to give this one a go!

Then while not a book I also got some totally awesome stuff from Target in their dollar section:

Which I did buy some extras which I plan on giving away in October for a super cool Halloween prize package! So stick around for that come October and Halloween time!!

And that's my mailbox this week, what did you get?

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  1. Awesome week this week!
    I didn't see The Pledge in the Galley Grab, though =/

  2. i heard lots of good things from the pledge..:) pretty books and that giveaway plan is cute!

    here’s my IMM:

  3. Oh shizzzz! I didn't see The Pledge in the S&S email either! *Runs to check email*

    Great mailbox Jess (and what a shock! Getting a signed book! ;) )

  4. Nice haul Pledge looks really good!!:D

  5. Nice mailbox! I have read both Nocturne and Kitty's Big Trouble and enjoyed them both. Hope you do too. Happy reading!

  6. I want to read the Jeannie Holmes series! Enjoy.

    Thanks for stopping by Book Sake.

  7. Nice haul this week! I see I'm not the only one already making plans for Halloween. The wheels of my feverish little brain have been cranking for a few fun things to do that week. It should be fun! Happy reading. :)

  8. Blood Secrets looks like a great read! =) Enjoy!

  9. YAY for The Pledge and signed books! I have The Pledge on my nook from GalleyGrab and I can't wait to get started on it! Enjoy :)

  10. Yay for signed books! Great selection this week. Happy Reading!

  11. Signed books are awesome!!! The Pledge...sigh. I want that book sooo bad and can't seem to find the link for it...double sigh!

    Great IMM!!

  12. Me again! Thanks SO much for the link, it still works! I'm going to read this one right away!

    Thanks again!!

  13. YAY for The Pledge! I LOVED it! It's very different from her other books but just as good! I have Nocturne here and need to read it (along with several hundred others...) and I've enjoyed the Kitty series but I think there are two out that I haven't read. I'm not sure which one this is, I get the titles all confused.
    Yay for the signed book! I'm off to look it up!
    Awesome week!

  14. Everything you got looks great I'm excited to read the reviews!

  15. Looks like you had another great week. I just love the treasures you found at Target. They'll be perfect for Halloween giveaways.

    Happy Reading!

    Old Follower :)

  16. signed book was so cute <3 you got a great IMM, I love the stationary

    The Cait Files

  17. Great books as alway! Blood Secrets and Nocturne look especially good. Hope you enjoy!

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM :)

  18. You had a pretty awesome week! The Kitty books sound like great reads, Nocturne I'm sure is on my wishlist, and of course the signed book is so very cool! I love signed books <3

    Once Upon A Time

  19. Great mailbox you had this week! I love Target's dollar bin :)

  20. I can't wait to read The Pledge! I'm hoping to get to it as quickly as possible. :) Nocturne sounds really good, I can't wait to see what you think of it. :) Enjoy!

  21. The Pledge looks so awesome!!! And I'm so jealous you got a signed copy of Blood Secrets! That's so awesome! Thanks for stopping by my MM!

  22. I got The Pledge last week! I can't wait to read it. Hope you are enjoying it so far. My boss bought me those same post-its. I write very professional notes on them now at the workplace! LoL

    Enjoy your new books!


  23. I've not heard of Blood Secrets, and it's signed!! Well Done!. Great Imm:D

    I need to read some Carrie Vaughn, I'm currently trying to read some Kim Harrison, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Devon Monk.

    Have a great day!!


  24. Great mailbox! Awesome that you have a signed copy of Blood Secrets!


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