Aug 18, 2011

Random Thursday

Not that long ago I was talking about old TV shows with a friend and then it was even a topic for Top 5 Sundays and it got me thinking about quite a few things that I will break into different Random posts.

First thing was remembering shows like The Power Rangers--the very early episodes with Amy Jo Johnson and the other guys--remember the actors changing a bit. I used to love that show. Kimberly was my fave, obviously because she was the pink ranger and because she was a brunette like me! It seemed that there were more blondes on TV at that time. At least with the shows I was watching. The lead actress was always blonde! So when Kimberly was replaced by Cat, I wasn't too happy.

It also reminded me of the same thing on So Weird. Another big fave of mine growing up since it was one of the first, besides Are You Afraid of the Dark, that was a supernatural like show I remember watching. Fi was awesome! She was always in the thick of something supernatural and the legend or lore was always something truly unique! That's what I also loved about that show, it wasn't your typical ghost story, but other kind of legends! 

In the last season, they replaced Fi with Annie who was some blonde chick that was a friend of the family. Totally upsetting. It wasn't the same anymore. Sure Annie would investigate something supernatural, but it was upsetting to me since it wasn't truly the same. Fi had the connection with the supernatural because of her dad. That was always a big mystery, it seemed we would get little bits of info here and there and then boom! Show's done! I so think that this show was well ahead of its time with the supernatural stuff! I loved it back then and still do obviously, but it might have lasted longer had it aired around this time!

Oh well. Anyone else remember watching these shows? Or another fave show where one of your fave characters was replaced (and not necessarily by a blonde)?

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  1. Thank you for mentioning EVE may be found on NETGALLEY (my WOW post yesterday) I just went to NG & saw EVE on my list of approved books & I had not even viewed it yet! I am terribly unorganized with my TBR piles :P
    I am reading it now :)
    I remember the show Roseanne replaced Becky with another blond girl.Becky 1 was blond too.
    Of course Days of Our Lives does it ALL the time..lolz..
    I know there r a few more but for the life of me I cant remember em.
    Little House did it too, replaced a girl out of the blue with a blond.
    Have a gr8 day & thanx again :)


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