Aug 28, 2011


Hey all! I decided to give my blog a new look!

As much as I liked the forest one, I really liked this one since it was even titled "My Journal"! Thought it fit with my theme better since I tend to gab a lot! And what's a journal but written jabber? 

So hopefully it all shows up nicely on other computers and whatnot--wherever you check your internet. A few of the blog designs I looked at didn't show up properly on my own screen so I had to pass those up!

Have a GREAT night everyone!


  1. I love the new design!! Stop by my blog anytime! I'd love to hear from you =)

  2. Jessica, it's LOVELY! In fact the cookie looks so appetizing, I'm hungry now :) Well done!

  3. I really like it. :)

  4. Jessica, I love your new blog! =) And you're right, the theme fit your site well! Congratulations for a new and lovely blog... I'm thinking of redesigning my site too, I just couldn't decide yet... it's a lot of work. I'm happy you did well on yours!

    Xoxo, APril =)


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