Aug 26, 2011

Quick Review--Haunting the Night by Mara Purnhagen

Charlotte Silver has been through hell.

Her mom’ s in a coma. She may have caused the death of a young man. And now her friend Avery wants her to tackle going to Prom? Not going to happen, even if she is dying to spend some alone time with her boyfriend, Noah. Instead, Charlotte needs to find some answers to a few nagging questions—why was her family attacked? Will her mother survive? And is there a creature from the Other Side coming for her? Soon enough, Charlotte's search for the truth becomes a race against time. But she may just find the sign she's been looking for all along....

Today was a day for quick reads! I also just finished Mara Purnhagen's Haunting the Night! This was book 2.5 as well that takes place before the events of Beyond the Grave which is out now. Having already read that, I still decided to read this since it was a free read! Yup, right now at Amazon you can get it for the amazing price of $0!

This time around Charlotte is dealing with extreme guilt over what happened to Marcus, the poor young man who was possessed by the demon and was killed. Charlotte begins to see a looming shadow that tends to stand outside her window every night, giving her nightmares and worrying her sick. 

Her mother's still in the hospital and her condition is steady, never worsening, never bettering which makes it all the harder on her family and herself. Her friends are excited about prom but Charlotte has decided not to go and instead spend time with her sister.

Again, since this is a novella it's hard to review entirely, but it was an interesting read. The shadowy figure was pretty creepy and we never really knew what it was--until the end of course! We also get to learn a little more about Mills, Charlotte's sister's boyfriend. To be honest in the beginning of the series I thought he might be some sort of bad guy since he suddenly popped up, but obviously he isn't. He helps Charlotte get through her pain and troubles in amazing ways, and sheds some light on his own secret pain.

Another fabulous novella!! That's 3 in one day for me! For the first book about monsters I had been reading off and on really when I needed a break from my current book since it was a fun nonsense read. This was a fun read, and yet not one that necessarily needs to be read in order to understand Beyond the Grave, but since it's free and not that long of a read, why not five it ago. Did I mention that it was FREE? ;)

Overall rating 4/5 stars

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