Aug 26, 2011

Quick Review--Violet Tendencies by Jaye Wells

Former assassin Sabina Kane heads to Los Angeles to find her kidnapped sister. Helping her on the mission are her hot mage partner, her Mischief demon minion, and a Vanity demon named Valva. The problem? She's got to figure out how to find her sister without letting her enemies know she's back in town. But when Sabina seeks out an old ally -- a vampire strip club owner named Fang -- for help, Sabina learns the hard way that Vanity demons don't know the meaning of the phrase "low profile."

Jaye Wells's Violet Tendencies was another quick read that I got done today! It was pretty awesome too. Although according to Goodreads, it says it's book 3.5, but if I remember what happened in book 3 correctly, this novella would've taken place prior to it.

Granted it's been months since I read Green-Eyed Demon, but even glancing at its cover back has me thinking that this should've been book 2.5 since some of the events that happened in Green-Eyed Demon aren't mentioned here. So I want to say this should be book 2.5.

Regardless it was a fun little read! Sabina, Adam, Gighul, and Valva are still on the run trying to stay out of the Dominae's radar, and they take shelter at a strip club. Sabina's friends with the owner and was hoping for a safe place to hold up for a few days, but chaos quickly ensures.

Again, this is a short read so can't say much without telling the whole story, but it was pretty interesting. And it does answer a question that GED brought up so it's worth a read if you have the time and were curious about this particular something--which don't want to say for spoiler purposes. (also as I write this I have a headache forming and can't think straight to remember all of GED)

So if you're in between reads this is definitely a fun one! There was quite the craziness going on!

Overall rating 3.5/5 stars

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