Aug 3, 2011

Review--Vision Impossible by Victoria Laurie

Abby Cooper, the FBI's newest civilian profiler, can add something else to her resume: spy. The CIA and the air force need her help. The military has had digital photography software created to capture one's aura--just like Abby can--from miles away. Except now their only prototype sits in a drone aircraft that's been stolen--a major breach in security, because every country's leader can now be identified by his individual aura.

Once the terrible reality of the situation sinks in, Abby springs into action. With her fiance, Dutch Rivers, by her side, she is eager to do her patriotic duty by stopping the criminals before they set their diabolical plan into motion. But the deeper Abby gets involved in counter-intelligence, the more she makes herself a prime target...

Despite Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye Mystery switching over to hardback, I still had to get myself a copy. Luckily it was in plenty of time before Borders made their statement about closing forever (sob)!

Vision Impossible brings Abby deeper into the investigative side of her mystery solving. Hard to think it's only been 3 years time for Abby since she met Dutch back in book 1. This series has really gone far. It might be considered one of the series that doesn't move forward a whole lot, it's a typical mystery series really where there's a crime and our heroine must save the day with her fiance, Dutch!

Like always Abby ends up getting in way over her head! While going undercover with Dutch, who takes on the identity of a criminal, who should walk into the apartment right when they get started? The bad guy's girlfriend who wasn't supposed to be in town! So yeah, their investigation gets dicey very early!

There's plenty of danger to the series, someone is out to get Abby and she has no idea who it could be since she's neck deep with the criminals. Abby even ends up working along side of one when she catches his interest. Uh-oh!

In the end for the big reveal, I was off! I thought I had it pegged down but was wrong--but only slightly! So maybe half wrong! I totally love this series and it's weird since there's nothing supernatural going on at all, despite Abby being a psychic! I still don't get it myself why I like this series so much! 

Abby is a great character! She's quirky and funny! She's one of the only heroines I know who doesn't swear and if she does, it's a quarter to the swear jar! Not my regular kick a$$ UF heroine, but a more subtle heroine. But like I said, there's still plenty of action and trouble Abby gets into! There's always trouble when Abby's involved unfortunately, but she does manage to keep her head on!

Overall rating 5/5 stars! I LOVE this series! 

Hoping that I can get myself to Bouchercon for a day since Victoria Laurie is supposed to be there!!

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