Aug 25, 2011

Random Thursday

One supernatural show I remember watching back in 2001, was Dead Last. Actually took a bit of research for me to remember the show's name, but in my defense it only lasted 13 episodes unfortunately. But it was sooo cool! I can't believe it ended! Then again this was before supernatural shows became so popular, yet another incredible show before its time.

Anyone else remember this show? It feature these 3 people here and when they held that stone or ring--whatever it was--they were able to see and talk to ghosts. Usually it involved them trying to help the ghost with unfinished business so they could move on. I can't remember a lot of it. Just enjoy the heck out of it!

Tyler Labine starred in it, remember him from Reaper? Another paranormal (sort of) show that got cancelled? Sara Downing was also in Roswell for a few episodes as one of the Skins, the one that liked Michael a lot! And the other guy is Kett Turton, he was in the movie Saved and he starred in an episode of Supernatural from season 1, The Phantom Traveler--the airplane episode as one of the passengers to survive the plane crash and put himself into a mental hospital because he thought he was seeing things when the demon possessed dude opened the door to the plane and caused the crash.

So yeah, even the actors were involved in supernatural shows besides this one. From what I can remember it was pretty good and had some comedy mixed in, likely dark comedy or something similar, but it wasn't a real dark show with super serious themes like Buffy has. It was just funny and cool to see this trio go to extreme lengths and help the spirits.

And that's my Random Thursday post, figured it would be better to do one show at a time since I have several in my quiver of knowledge!!

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  1. When ever I think about supernatural stuff I think about Past Midnight by Mara Purnhagen. You know, Charlotte's parents show?! Which I think it cool. But I guess that's more realistic while these are all fictionish. :) This was a ramble, but oh well!

    Nice post!!!


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