Aug 4, 2011

Random Thursday

Has anyone ever really watched Disney's Snow White carefully? I was watching it for who knows how many times with my niece and there's a part I recently caught, since I hadn't watched it in a few years so I probably didn't catch on.

Anyway, we all know that Dopey--one of the fave dwarfs--is mute right? He doesn't talk because he can't or whatever. So he's silent the entire movie right?


Okay, mostly right, but there is one teeny tiny part in the movie where Dopey speaks. Or screams really! It's when the dwarfs are coming home and first seeing Snow White and they think she's a ghost. Dopey is sent upstairs and when he sees Snow White still caught up in the sheet, looking like a ghost, he screams! He finally makes a sound!

Anyone else ever think that was a tiny bit odd?

Here's the YouTube clip that I found that has the scene I'm talking about. It's about 2 minutes in and goes to the 3rd minute or so.

Also while searching for this video I happened across some YouTube videos of the Snow White ride that used to be at Disney World! Anyone else remember that?! I liked it when I was a kid, and remembered it was kinda scary too. The witch was there a lot and Snow White wasn't in it at all! But when I went a few years later I recall Snow White finally being there at the end!

Although on my last trip nearly 8 years ago, the ride was no longer there.

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  1. So I have to admit Snow White is not one of my favorite movies, so I've never really paid attention even when my kids watch it.

    I can't believe he actually said something and just how many times did your niecesmake you watch it-lol :)

    I will have to point it out to my girls. Thanks!


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