Aug 16, 2011

Review--Eye of the Tempest by Nicole Peeler

Nothing says "home" like being attacked by humans with very large guns, as Jane and Anyan discover when they arrive in Rockabill. These are professionals, brought into kill, and they bring Anyan down before either Jane or the barghest can react. Seeing Anyan fall awakens a terrible power within Jane, and she nearly destroys herself taking out their attackers.

Jane wakes, weeks later, to discover that she's not the only thing that's been stirring. Something underneath Rockabill is coming to life: something ancient, something powerful, and something that just might destroy the world.

Jane and her friends must act, striking out on a quest that only Jane can finish. For whatever lurks beneath the Old Sow must be stopped...and Jane's just the halfling for the job.

Nicole Peeler's latest release, Eye of the Tempest, totally lives up to the rest of the series. I love the Jane True novels! They are witty and fun to read! Jane is not your ordinary character, she's not a leather-wearing kickass heroine, she's a selkie heroine. She's average, yet still an amazing heroine and I love going back to her world time and again!

I totally love how Nicole writes as well. Jane is the ultimate snarky heroine! The language even has snark and wit to it as Jane tells us what's going on. Words will just popup in the sentence and still manage to flow together with what's happening. I just love it!

This time around Jane finally gets some of the details on who Blondie is. Blondie is quite the character too. Wasn't expecting her role to be as large either despite her being on the cover, but whatever! Blondie is going to help Jane, but there are more times than Jane cares for when she's not completely sure where Blondie's loyalty lies.

Basically this book is leading us towards something big! Something huge is going to go down in Rockabill and this is the leadup! Jane and her friends have to solve the riddle and get to the "prize" before the bad guys do or they're already doomed along withe the rest of Northeastern coast! Yeah, it's big!

Can't get into too many details for spoiler purposes, but this was a fun read. Not a lot of romance, except towards the end...things start to get steamy! Jane and Anyan are in a predicament of sorts that doesn't leave them a lot of lovin time!

Overall this was a fabulous read! And I am so looking forward to reading Jane's next book next summer, Tempest's Fury, for more of Jane's adventures and shenanigans!

Overall rating 5/5 stars

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