Nov 20, 2012

Another Reason to Dislike St. Louis

Okay, so I just read on one of our local news networks' websites, that Walt Disney considered building Disney World in St. Louis! It was a very short article but I read it and was very overwhelmed--I guess that's the word I want to use.

Disney apparently spent time in Missouri as a child and had a "deep affection" for St. Louis. He was already developing plans for a Haunted Mansion ride for the park! And a Pirates of the Caribbean! He was even thinking of the animatronic robots that would be famous Missourians like Mart Twain, Lewis and Clark and even Napoleon!

Walt liked St. Louis because he thought it was going somewhere. 

"Missouri typifies good, common sense Americanism," Disney wrote at the time. "Whether your roots are in the farm or in the streets of its bustling cities, I guess you can gather from this that I still have a fine warm spot for the old home state."

But sadly, somewhere down the line, he passed on St. Louis and looked to Florida instead.

It was both interesting and upsetting to read. To think that the Happiest Place on Earth--as I like referring it as--was almost in my downtown area.

I guess this is just yet another thing to add to my list of why St. Louis is so dull to live in! Authors so rarely come here--which again, I know it's the publishers who choose where they go--and now Disney was ALMOST built here.

If anyone else was curious to read this article--it's super short!--here's the link. Again, it just takes you to a local news station's website.


  1. They've been saying that Disney is coming to my hometown since the 90's but I don't believe it. It would be great though. It's a small town and it could use the boost to the economy.

  2. I love the Arch! At least there's that!



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