Nov 15, 2012

Random Thursday

The holiday season is almost upon us! Black Friday ads are already hitting the web and yes, I have marked which stores I want to go to! I'm not one of the crazy people that stand out there all Thanksgiving Day! Black Friday to me, means getting my fave TV show DVDs for incredible prices!! True Blood season 4 is only $9.96 at Walmart! Supernatural Season 7 too!

But moving on! Let's talk toys! More importantly, let's talk toys that aren't really around anymore! That list can go on and on! I believe I've already posted on the transformation of Polly Pocket, which is a sad, sad thing!

But the toy I want to talk about today was a hit sensation in the late 90s, pretty sure it was then.

I'm talking about Tamagotchis!

But more importantly the original one! Not the new one from some years ago that was Tamagotchi Connection. I loved this little alien-egg thing! It was so cool! I would take it to school--secretly--and play with it at recess and what not!

It was so fun to take care of too! Feeding it, playing with it, making it happy, cleaning up it's Hershey Kiss shaped poop!

Sadly, there comes a time when the battery dies. And apparently there isn't a screwdriver small enough--or at least back then there wasn't, haven't tried looking for one lately--to open the back and replace the battery. I still have mine! Somewhere. It may be in a toy box or one of my "stuff" boxes. I say stuff because it's not junk really!

I also remember the first "second" Tamagotchi and that was Tamagotchi Angel! I had one of those too! It was basically the same toy but it's an angel alien like thing!

I have that one too somewhere. It's with the original one! It too eventually died on me.

Which also reminds me, remember when the Tamagotchi died?! The original one turns into an angel and floated away--I believe. And I think the angel one just floated away too. It's been years since I played with them obviously!

I also had the Gameboy game version for it. I think it was actually Gameboy, the first version! We have that one with the green screen. I have some of the older models too, plus the DS, the first version, so I can still play with my Tamagotchi but it's not the same! I may have to go hunting for a tiny screwdriver soon!

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  1. Oh my goodness I remember those! I still have an old version tucked away somewhere, it's battery is long gone but I preserved it eheh.


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