Nov 18, 2012

Stacking the Shelves

This weekly meme is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, sharing with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the process!

I had a decent week this week. It actually may be one of the last decent weeks I have for awhile since the holidays are upon us. And one of my friends asked for a list of books that she can shop for for me. She won't necessarily buy all of them, but I had to give her a good amount to choose from. Since I have so much to read as it is I figure I can go without buying books for myself til Xmas!

Although I did leave one or two titles that I can buy!

So anyway...this week I bought:

Black City by Elizabeth Richards

Then awhile back I won a contest from Chayse at The Book Reaper, I won two books and one of them arrived this week, it was:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Thanks, Chayse!

Then for review from the publisher via Netgalley I got:

The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter (ARC)

Thanks, Harlequin Teen and Netgalley!

Then I got this last week but totally forgot to mention it:

I finally spent too much money on my credit card and earned a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble! Yay me!

And that is what I got this week--and last week on the last item! What did you get?


  1. I want to read all three books. I've been told Cinder is excellent, yet I still haven't gotten around to it. Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by my SCS.

    Old follower.

  2. I need to start the Goddess Test series as I have heard great things about them. I need to stay away from buying books as I to gave a list to my mum but it wasn't all the books i wanted :) Hope you enjoy your new books :)

  3. Great books! Enjoy Black City, I liked it. ;)

  4. I really want to read Black City, I've heard so many great things about it. Hope you enjoy it Jessica!!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  5. I love Gift Cards. Gift Cards are awesome. Great haul of books.


  6. OH I really want to read Black City...sounds SOO good! Happy reading :)

  7. Cinder was really good. I Dared You To Read It on Tynga's Review a few week ago. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I can't wait to read the Goddess Inheritance. I've has a love/hate relationship with the series but I really want to know how it ends.

    Thanks for stopping by Tynga's Reviews!

  8. I really want to read all of these, I hope you enjoy them :)

    Here is my weekly round up post
    Lauren @ Northern Plunder.

  9. You had a good week. I wouldn't need to get any before Christmas but who knows what will appeal to me. I liked Cinder and have Scarlet on my review stack. Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I loved Cinder! I love how it's a fairy tale told in a futuristic society rather than a modern society. :) I hope you enjoy all of your books!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  11. Cinder was fantastic, Jessica, I really enjoyed it. Good luck with your buying ban till Christmas! :) I hope you get all the books you want as prezzies!

  12. I'm so jealous of Cinder because I haven't read it yet and I really really want to!! I hope you enjoy everything and thanks for stopping by my IMM :)

    Paige @ Comfort Books

  13. Black city and cinder! *-* I so want those!

  14. I've heard so much about Black City, hope you enjoy :)

  15. Love getting those B&N gift I loved Cinder so enjoy and Black City is so on my wishlist! The Sunday Post

  16. Great books! I hope you enjoy them

  17. I've been meaning to purchase Black City! Looking forward to hearing what you think! Recent books I've just purchased:
    Easy by Tammara Webber
    Days of Blood and Starlight

    and I just finished Rebel Heart Dustland 2 which I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it.

  18. I need to get myself one of these credit cards ;) I have Cinder in my library pile and can't wait to get to it! Jealous of Black City-I hear it's great! Enjoy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  19. Cinder is a fantastic book! :D And I'm excited about Black City - can't wait to see what you think about it. Happy reading!


  20. that's the first time i've seen goddess of inheritance! enjoy!

  21. I can't wait to see your thoughts on Black City because I haven't decided if I'll pick it up yet.

  22. Yay for gift cards! I loved Cinder. Hope you anjoy your books!

    Thanks for stopping by Book Sojourner!

  23. I haven't had a chance to read any of these yet but I believe that Cinder and The Goddess Inheritance are quite good. Happy Reading.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  24. Three great books AND a gift card! Can't beat that! :) Enjoy!

  25. Nice haul! Yey for goddess inheritance! I'll request for that on netgalley too! :)

  26. I'm sure you'll enjoy that b&n gift card! lol and I have yet to read any goddess test books. I'll have to check them out! My tbr pile keeps growing. Plus, Cinder is amazing! Loved it! Enjoy all of your books :)

  27. I can't wait to read Black City! It sounds amazing! And I have yet to read Cinder but hopefully I can get to it soon! Amazing haul this week, Jessica! Enjoy your books and the B&N card! LOL ;p

    Thanks for stopping by My StS post! 

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  28. Waaaaaah! Black city!!! *am drooling* HAHAHAH! Awesome stash! <3

    Thanks for dropping by my STS #5 <3

  29. OMG, lucky girl. I hope you enjoy Cinder. It was pretty good. I want to read Black City bad.

  30. Oh I really want to read Cinder! Happy reading darling!

  31. Goddess Inheritance! That's GREAT!
    I bought Black City myself after failing to acquire an ARC. Lol :P
    I liked Cinder, I know many people loved it. Hope you enjoy it!!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Aditi @ READioactive Book Blog

  32. I've read Cinder recently and it's pretty amazing! Enjoy your new books!

    Thanks for stopping by and sorry for my late response!


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