Nov 29, 2012

Random Thursday

All right, today's a rant day. I can't recall if I ranted about this in particular, I know I've ranted in part about this, but it still bugs me when I see this stuff.

Okay, time to come out and say it: I am really really appalled by Disney and finding Mulan merchandise in the store, yet Mulan is locked in the vault. They have sooo many things of Mulan--okay, stuffed animals, dolls, but still that's a lot when a kid has never even seen the movie!--in the store and there really isn't a way for these kids to have seen Mulan unless they happened to have the VHS or DVD from some years ago when it wasn't in the vault. Not likely considering the kids that enter the Disney store look to be under 10!

So love this movie poster too! Found it after googling and it was image one! But back to my rant...isn't this annoying to anyone else? Yes, I am a bit of Disney geek, but still I find it very irritating to see so much merchandise featuring a "Disney Princess"--why they classify Mulan as such I have no idea, Pocahontas makes sense in a vague way since she's the Chief's daughter--that cannot be seen because the movie is in the vault!!

Seriously, this is like the worse vault in the history of vaults. I get it's a whole money making propaganda, but you're depriving children--and yes, adults like me!--of classic favorites. And these special edition limited time offer releases are soooo annoying! And yet they still want to sell merchandise for movies you cannot see! In the past few years, we have had Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin--although that was a long while back, right?, Pocahontas, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled and Cinderella--the most recent--release from the vault or whatever and sure merchandise at that time is fine, even expected! There's sooo much Cinderella and Brave stuff out now and that makes sense! But to have merchandise from a "locked up" movie? No sense at all!

And I will likely tell you all this again as it gets closer but mark your calendars Peter Pan releases from the vault February 5, 2013, it's 60th Anniversary! Huzzah!! And later in 2013 The Little Mermaid releases!! Yay! Children will finally know Ariel! Unless they really do know her by watching the old DVD or VHS. I own both DVDs but plan on buying them in Blueray, mostly because they are special editions and what not! I am total sucker for Disney re-releases from the dread Vault.


  1. I loved Mulan so much as a kid and still have a coloring book that I broke out to use with my son. So when he asked, "Who is this?" and I tried my hardest to explain he just won't get why I enjoyed the movie so much. Also, on ABC's Once Upon A Time, there is the character Mulan that my son watches with me that he really has no idea who it is. My son thankfully does know Ariel and the others. It is just Mulan he doesn't.

    On a different note is it bad that I am 30 and Tangled is one of my favorite movies?

    I agree with your rant ;)

  2. You know I love your Disney rants...
    It's all a scheme sadly to get people to buy the DVD's when they are released from the vault, unless they want to wait another 10 years.
    I've had to buy most of the DVD's on eBay and they were pretty pricey but worth it.
    I freaking LOVE Mulan.
    "Let's get down to business."

  3. That is really weird that the merchandise can be found all over! Thanks for the heads up about The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. My son is 17 mos old and since he was born, I have started paying more attention to the Disney releases. I was so excited to get him The Lion King and Dumbo last Christmas!


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