Nov 8, 2012

Boy Meets World Sequel!

OMG! I just read on Yahoo, that Disney is going to update Boy Meets World! In that it will continue Cory and Topanga's--no mention of Shawn or Eric or any of the other characters--legacy!

According to the article, Cory and Topanga are all grown up and have their own 13 year old daughter, Riley. Yup, she has a name already!

And it seems that Cory will be following in Feeny's footsteps as a 7th grade history teacher!

There's not much word on this, other than it's happening! Not even sure how soon either.

But it's funny since in the morning while I am getting ready I watch Boy Meets World on ABC Family! So this was kind of a happy surprise to read this morning!

Click here to read the article on Yahoo!



  1. I loved Boy Meets World! I would love a sequel show!

  2. I always loved this show. Hope they don't mess it up too much.

  3. WHAAAAAAAT?! This is the best news I've heard all day!

  4. I saw this and I literally squealed! I'm so excited, I adored Boy Meets World growing up!

    Kristen @OCA

  5. AHHH!! How amazing does that sound? I hope it gains as much success as it's predecessor. Boy Meets World was almost my entire childhood *insert warm fuzzy feelings of reminiscence here*

  6. I'm actually a little torn about this one. I grew up watching Boy Meets World and was in love with all of the characters. The show itself was perfect and now here's a new part of it, where everyone we loved is all grown up with kids of their own and some of them might even be dead. Still, even though I find myself reluctant about this one I still find myself curious about how they're going to go about it. It might even be the one decent show they have on Disney these days.

  7. Sequels aren't always good, maybe a mini series would have been a better idea. I don't know I want it yet no!!
    Lil Berry @ Forget About TV, Grab a Book


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