Nov 8, 2012

Random Thursday

Okay, today's post totally changed from what I originally had scheduled. I was half watching TV when I saw this commercial come on for a new direct to DVD movie release that had me flabbergasted!

The movie in question?

Yup. The Swan Princess Christmas or aka The Swan Princess 4!! It's not so much that they had to go and do a fourth movie 18 years after the original movie and 14 years after the last sequel! Are they really that desperate to make money by making another movie to a movie most kids in this decade have never heard of?

It was one thing to make 2 more movies after the first one. Those came in 97 and 98. So still three years after the movie. But I was still excited when they released. Although, still true, the sequels never matched up to the original. But at least they made sense in a way. Apparently the villain from the first movie had old acquaintances who were out to get his spells for their own evil-doings! I have no idea if this one is even going to match in that lieu of storyline.

But what's worse about this 14 years later sequel is that they ripped out the classic animation for computer digitized. I know, I know, we're moving further into the technology age every day and every year. But I am still old school with my animated movies! I love the hand drawn stuff that we saw from classics like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid! I still like new modern faves like the Toy Story movies--there may even be a 4th one in the works, Monsters Inc--sequel to come next summer!, Tangled of course and I still have to see Brave.

It's more the fact that they decided to do this sequel 14 years after the last one and then go and change the look of it! I'm surprised we have the same characters or that Odette appears to be wearing her famous locket.

Okay, rant over! I always feel better after ranting on the blog! Very therapeutic!

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  1. I cannot tell you how much I adore The Swan Princess. My kids know it very well, but no one else has ever heard of it when I mention it. I haven't seen any of the sequels so I don't know how they compare. Aren't most animated movies digital nowdays? I think for cost and time it would be better to do digital. But I agree that the old hand drawn movies are better.


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