Jun 11, 2014

Cover Copy Reveal--The Shadow Cabinet

Eep! A cover has been revealed on GR for Maureen Johnson's The Shadow Cabinet! This is real! It's coming out in February! I have yet to read The Madness Underneath because reviews mention a killer cliffhanger and my sanity is about maxed out on cliffhanger-kill-me-now-itis!

So while I cannot read the description those who have read The Madness Underneath can! Or if you know, you haven't and you want to read it anyway, go ahead! Be forewarned! I caught a bit of the first line and it mentioned something about the cliffhanger ending and I adverted my eyes! Really, I couldn't even tell you what it said now!

The thrilling third installment to the Edgar-nominated, bestselling series

At the end of Maureen Johnson’s New York Times bestselling novel, The Madness Underneath, Rory, Callum and Boo are reeling from the sudden and tragic death of their friend and squad leader, Stephen. The Shadow Cabinet picks up where readers left off, and now Rory is convinced there must be a way to bring Stephen back. Meanwhile, new dangers arise: Rory's classmate Charlotte is missing, and Jane and her nefarious organization are clearly planning something big—with Rory as their most valuable asset. Time is running out as the ghost squad struggles to protect London and Rory fights to bring Stephen back.

I like how the cover is blue! It's just pretty. Still upset with the new cover look, as I loved the original hardcover to The Name of the Star! It just fit so well with the story and all! Going to be reading The Madness Underneath around January I expect! That way I can read this one and not suffer from the cliffhanger-kill-me-now-itis!

The Shadow Cabinet releases February 5, 2015

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  1. The cover is amazingly beautiful! For some reason I always drift to books with blue covers.


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