Jun 2, 2014

MOVIE Review--Maleficent

So you think you know the story of Sleeping Beauty, well that's one version of course (well technically a second since the original fairy tale was even more different!), but there's another story to be heard. And that of course is Maleficent's.

Maleficent is basically an alternate version to the story of Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty was one of my fave Disney movies to watch as a kid, I think because I liked when the fairies fought with their magic over how Aurora's 16th birthday party was supposed to go. Anyway, this story is about Maleficent.

We get to see Maleficent grow up as a child, she had wings once, like most fairies do. But then one day, someone she trusted betrayed her and took them. And so her anger and desire for revenge builds up against this man. Instead of attacking him, she curses his daughter.

Now I read the movie adaptation novel before seeing this one, so I already knew how this movie would play out for the most part. Perhaps I should've waited to read the book until after the movie, but oh well! For the most part, the book played out the movie right. Although there was one teeny, tiny, factor that I liked the book having and I thought fit rather well into the character development, but the movie left that tidbit out. No big, since the movie does technically come first in this instance.

It's a great movie though! Beautifully done. I also like how with this story in general, Maleficent's crow can be turned into a man with her magic. His character was rather enjoyable. I think he helped bring the good back into Maleficent at times. Especially when she was out to get the baby Aurora. For Maleficent kept an eye on the princess as she grew up for reasons unknown really. Most likely just because she could since Aurora was technically in hiding.

There are very great differences in this story, as I said, it's an entirely new retelling of the beloved Disney classic. But I have to say I loved the movie! It's sort of like a Wicked thing, where you get to see a classic in a whole new light and you just see things differently. Although I wouldn't go as far to say that our cartoon Maleficent was wronged by another, she was just evil for being evil.

If you're at all a Disney fan, then I highly recommend seeing this one! It was a superbly done movie. The visual effects were remarkable when we're in the Moors, the place where all things fairy live. It's really beautiful! Angeline Jolie made a marvelous Maleficent and it definitely brings a shiny, new light to the story of Sleeping Beauty that's not one to be missed!

Bonus--we get a teaser trailer--aka a trailer that doesn't tell you much just lets you know the movie is upcoming, like the Simpsons Movie trailer with the outline of Superman but turns into Homer wearing a Superman t-shirt and his underwear on the couch!--of the upcoming LIVE ACTION movie version of Cinderella! I had totally forgotten about this movie until I saw this! My cousin and I were even just talking briefly about it and I had still forgotten that this movie was up and coming! Yes, the story of Cinderella will be taken to real live people in March 2015! So can't wait to see that one either!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. I also really want to see this movie! It sounds great, nice review!

  2. Oh I am super excited for this movie! Angelina looked really gorgeous as Maleficent. Great review!

  3. I looooooooooved this movie! Angelina Jolie nailed the part and they couldn't have picked a better person for the role. I think she looked over Aurora growing up because she had this weird fascination with her. I think she felt betrayed that Stephan betrayed her and had Aurora. I loved that part of the movie, her seeing her grow up. The part where she picked her up was so cute. Loved the crow guy too. He definitely brought out Malificent's good side. The only thing that bothered me was that Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter was one of the fairies. I just couldn't get over her as the horrible teacher in Harry Potter :)

  4. I really want to see this, even if I have heard mixed reviews. But, you just pumped me up for a new movie I didn't know was coming out-- Cinderella!

  5. I will be honest that Sleeping Beauty was not my fave of the fairy tales. I really don't remember much about it. However, the trailers for this one look awesome. Plus I like that it's a complete retelling of the story in a new light and perspective. So who knows, I may end up loving this one.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  6. I had to laugh when I read about the part of the fairies fighting over Aurora's 16th birthday dress! I became so nostalgic while reading this review, because it brought back so many childhood memories of watching the good classic Disney movies. My dad wants to go see this movie as well, so hopefully this week we will be able to see it. I have heard that Angelina Jolie was just spectacular! Great review!

  7. I plan on seeing this movie tomorrow. It looks really good.

  8. I haven't watched the movie yet. A lot of people have been saying that it's really nice :) I want to see it soon! Thanks for sharing Jessica! What a great and fun post :>

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

  9. I haven't seen it but I was interested since Jolie said that she terrified all kids (apart from her daughter) with her horns and acting.


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