Jun 14, 2014

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: Bookish Confessions!

*in no particular order

Not sure what to consider a "confession" really. So this might be tricky for me!


I'll admit seeing these makes me cringe. Visibly. I don't like it honestly! I know some people do, because it shows a well loved book and all, and while that maybe true, I can't stand seeing it happen! The few times I've packed books for trips and the covers got bent in transit...there were tears people!


You pretty much all know me as someone who reads paranormal books. Well, there was a time I read a few YA contemps! Yup, I confess. It was a dark time, there was hardly any Paranormal YA, I call them the dark days. But I would read whatever contemp YA struck my fancy. Sarah Dessen was a fave. This was actually the copy I had of Someone Like You, but I long since donated all my contemp books since I knew they would not get re-read ever.


My name is Jessica and I confess, I am a book junkie. Another obvious trait I suspect! I actually have this sign in my room in green. It's a plaque on top of one of my shelves. But seriously, I am a book junkie (as we all are, I suspect!) I keep buying more books than I can read! Nearly all the money I earn goes towards books! Definitely more than half, I'd say! But since this is like my only bad vice (as I am really trying to work on my Etsy jewelry one!) I would say I'm doing pretty good with life!


This is sort of a weird confession, but when I'm reading my book--and I always use a real bookmark--I try to coordinate my book and bookmark so that they match in a way! Like a red bookmark for a book with red in its cover! Or for this one I would've also considered using a Belle bookmark since it is a Beauty and the Beast retelling! That's an odd sort of quirk of mine!


That is the ONLY way I can organize my books! I've seen other people organize them by colors or genres or YA vs Adult...and while that's all nice and the colored one always looks pretty...it's just another thing that makes me cringe! When I go to my bookshelves I like to know where all my author's books are. Of course since I've run out of room and have multiple shelves all over the house and some backstocked in my closet, that can get pretty hard! But I at least have an idea of what's in my closet mess of a shelf! And I know where particular series are that are in other rooms of the house! But yet, all those shelves...except for the closet mess...are all in alphabetical order because that's just how I roll! :)


  1. Oh God, the bent spine. I can't look at that!!! Makes me cringe.

  2. cool confessions... I actually am a spine bender LOL

  3. I completely agree with you about bending the spines. I also can't stand when pages get dog-eared. I will use almost anything for a bookmark so I won't have to dog-ear a page.


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