Jun 7, 2014

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: FAVORITE WORDS!

*in no particular order

Oooh this should be interesting!


I don't know why this is a favorite word! Perhaps I just like the spelling! W's and a K...! It's just fun to spell! Plus you can say it like awk-warrrrrrrrd!

Awkward: clumsy; bungling; hard to handle; unwieldy; uncomfortable; embarrassed or embarrassing


This has been a favorite word of mine for a looooong time! People would say I'm weird, because I liked reading paranormal books (you know before they decided to read them too some years later!) and I would come back saying, no I'm unique! Of course these days I would've said so what! ;)

Unique: one and only; sole; without like or equal; very unusual; a usage still objected to by some


What's not to love about this word?! It bespeaks the truth about booklovers everywhere! Plus I don't think many non-book people get how freaking awesome it is!

Bibliophile: a person who loves or collects books; me ;)


I really like the spelling of this one! True, there's fairy which pretty much means the same thing, unless we are referring to the world/lad of faerie. But I like that "e" that stands out after the "a"! Guess I really am just wei- unique!

Faerie: fairyland; a fairy


Yup, another paranormal word! It's odd, I don't really have "favorite" words so I was just thinking of words I liked or liked to say and naturally this one came to mind after faerie. I like the term lycanthrope a bit better than werewolf, because it just has a cooler tone to it! It's more fun to say too!

and since my Webster's new dictionary did NOT have it (gasp!) I looked it up on Dictionary.com; Lycanthrope: a person affected with lycanthropy; a werewolf or alien spirit in the physical form of a bloodthirsty wolf


  1. My favorite words right now are epic and traumatizing. I guess the ironic thing about traumatizing is that when I use I am actually not traumatized I'm just saying that to be dramatic. I like using epic instead of cool, because cool just seems so boring now to me. Whenever I say epic I'm always excited, outgoing, or confident, so like EPIC. When I use cool, I usually use like okay, cool.

  2. awesome picks!!! love those words too!


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