Jul 15, 2017

Discussion Challenge: This or That Bookish Edition

I've had this post idea saved until I had more time to type it up! Hello lonely Friday night! LOL! I saw this post idea originally at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and thought it sounded like fun! It's basically a This or That Bookish Edition!

Buy new or buy used?
Well I'm not opposed to used. I buy books randomly at HPB or other places. But for the most part it's NEW.

Eat while you read or read while you eat?
Well, I guess I read while I eat lunch. That's about it for eating and reading at the same time. I try not to but it can't be helped at lunch time! Lol!

Re-read old favorites or pre-order upcoming possibilities?
Well with a TBR pile that's more than I can handle, I almost never re-read old favorites. It's more about pre-ordering and reading all the TBR books. Though I have been contemplating a few re-reads as series I thought long over might possible be revived! Re-reads will be necessary then!

Read every single word or skim at times?
I almost never skim. It may have happened once or twice but for the most part I read every word!

Happy endings or tragic?
I prefer happy! Though while being devastated at the tragic endings I do see why they worked for the individual story!

Audiobooks or ebooks?
Uhh...I read real/physical books, but I do occasionally read an ebook or enovella, so I'll go with that!

Multiple books at once, or one at a time?
Definitely one at a time. At some point in my youth I thought I could read multiples. I never counted when I had to read multiples for school and one of my own for my sake of sanity! But yeah, definitely one at a time!

Mostly one genre, or a little bit of everything?
Mostly one genre! You could call it a wide scope of paranormal! There's adult, YA, NA, fantasy which I sometimes call a sub-genre of paranormal as there's usually magic or some sort of magical like system going on!

Lifelong obsession or later (re)discovery?
Lifelong obsession, I've always loved reading! Bookfair week was my favorite week, I LOVED getting the Scholastic book order forms and would have dozens of items circled! So yeah, I've been a reader for as long as I can remember!

Classics--yay or nay?
Uhh...is uhh an answer? Lol! I guess possibly yay, but not as enthusiastic? I don't read them often but I did for awhile. I count fairy tales as classics, because they are in a sense! And I still want to read Frankenstein at some point too! I have it in the TBR pile, so it'll happen...eventually!

Read aloud to others or be read to?
Oh gee. Not sure I qualify for either. I don't like being read to anymore. It's part of the reason why I don't like audiobooks. I like reading at my own pace. And I've had no reason to read aloud to others. But I guess that could be the closest one. I probably read to my niece when she was little.

Cover on or naked?
Hmm...for the most part, cover on. But there have been times I've taken it off when it keeps sliding. But with my most recent hardcover read, I kept it on. So it depends on how cooperative it's being. For the most part, on!

Dog-ear or bookmark?
All I see here is bookmark! Is there something before bookmark? Whether it is, it must be blasphemous! LOL!

Movie covers or originals?
ORIGINALS! Especially if I've read it before the movie! Then there's proof that I read it before the movie! Lol. I don't know, just never been a fan of movie covered ones. I've read movie novelizations that have had movie covers, but that's kind of expected! And I don't think there's ever been a movie I saw that I didn't know beforehand that it was a book, if I know in advance I buy it asap and that way I don't have the movie cover version.


  1. I love this tag. I can definitely see the difference in how I would have answered a year ago (1 book at a time like you) and now (one on audio, print and on my phone).

    Tanya Patrice
    <a href='http://girlxoxo.com">Girlxoxo.com</a>

  2. Love this tag. I agree with nearly all your responses...great minds think alike 😀

  3. Oh, you keep the book jacket on! I honestly didn't think anyone did that because they're so annoying to me. But now I know! :-) Thanks for playing along with this tag---it's fun to compare responses!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  4. Ooh, I'll have to do this tag too! Great answers, I agreed with lots of them. :) Fun!

    Cass @ Words on Paper


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