Jul 13, 2017

Random Thursday

I'm not sure how it's possible, but so far I seem to like this That's a Fact Jack: A Collection of Utterly Useless Information [Updated] by Harry Bright and Jakob Anser just a little bit more than the Disney book. Granted I'm not far into that one and I have yet to see any of my own burning questions answered. Like truly answered and not giving the non-answer answer. Like how the early princes are basically nameless!

(image borrowed from Greenland.com)
"At 840,000 square miles, Greenland is the world's largest island. It's three times the size of Texas."

Wow! That's pretty big!

(image borrowed from ABC News)
"There are 2,598,960 possible hands in Texas Hold 'Em."

Wow! That's a lot!

(image borrowed from history.com)
"A ten-gallon hat only holds about three-quarters of a gallon of liquid. It got its name from the Spanish word galon, which means 'braid'. Some Mexican cowboys, or vaqueros, wore as many as ten braided bands on their sombreros."


(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
"Major Henry Wirz was the only solider convicted of war crimes during the American Civil War. Wirz was the commanding officer of the Confederate prison in Andersonville, Georgia. Of the 48,485 prisoners who entered the camp, nearly 13,000 died from disease and malnutrition."

Huh. My book spelled it "Wirtz" and the internet spelled it Wirz. Not sure which is true!


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