Sep 15, 2017

Book Blogger Hop

This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict
This week's question is: Have you ever bought a more expensive edition of a book, when a cheaper edition was available, just because you preferred the cover of the more expensive one? (submitted by Maria @ A Night's Dream of Books)
MY ANSWER: Yes! As to what...uh...I can't think of it at the moment! But basically I buy it if there's extras in it that's exclusive to a specific store. Like I bought the Books-a-Million edition of A Court of Wings and Ruin even though I had to order online and pay for shipping and received zero discounts on it. I also preordered the exclusive edition of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, I loved Red Queen and I really really need to read the next two books already! Lol! So I already own Red Queen, yet I am buying this special edition of it! 

So yes, I totally do this if it's a book/author I already know I LOVE and need to have ALL the PRETTIES available to me! LOL!


  1. I loved Red Queen too. Sometimes I just can't resist the pretties too.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. When I seen this question, you popped into my :) I would like to but my book budget is pretty small so I stick to cheap I love when a book I want goes on sale. :)

  3. Haven't we all done this? This month alone I have purchased 5 special editions of books haha

    Thanks for sharing,
    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  4. Great answer! I usually don't buy expensive books unless they have something I really want.

    Thanks for visiting my post!

  5. Hahha YEP same! But only if I KNOW I love the book, or it's a favorite author. I made the mistake once of spending a ton of money on the UK Uprooted only to not even like the book that much. Ooops!

    But I have the Australian Luxury Editions of The Hunger Games (along with every other conceivable edition ha) but I also bought Three Dark Crowns and One Dark Throne from the UK because of prettier covers. It doesn't always cost more, but it always takes so much longer to get here!


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