Sep 26, 2017

Mini Review--Sealed with a Curse by Jenna Black

Being the new kid in town sucks, and when you're the only one not invited to the party of the year, you know you're a real outcast. So when Chloe discovers she's invited to the annual Halloween party after all, she throws together a costume and braves a hurricane to go. But there's more than weather threatening the fun, and unless she can find a way to counter the curse that's killing off the partygoers, it'll be the last party she or any of her classmates ever attend. Forget about trick or treats; tonight is going to be pure terror.

Let it be noted that this book is now out of print. As far as I know, you can’t get it anymore unless things change and Jenna is able to send it back out into the world!

Jenna Black’s Sealed with a Curse is the perfect little read for Halloween time! It was far creepier than I expected and definitely a lot more bloody!

Chloe and her mom and her grandfather have moved once again. They’ve been doing that a lot lately, because according to her grandfather, they have magic in their blood and are able to cast curses onto people. Chloe’s not so sure she believes it, but her mom sure does. Her father had died in a car accident awhile back largely due to the fact that her grandfather have moved in with them. He’s not the easiest person to love. Very cranky and sometimes, just downright mean.

Chloe was upset that she didn’t get invited to the biggest Halloween party of the year, until suddenly her invitation shows up late in their neighbor’s mail. Despite the storm that is headed their way, Chloe is determined to go. She wants this place to maybe finally be a home, at least until she goes away to college next year. But because of the storm, only about a dozen people show up to the party.

The party starts out innocent enough, if a little boring once the power goes out. It’s then that the first partygoer gets hurt and everything starts to fall apart thereafter. People are dying and Chloe feels largely responsible since she knows that this is her grandfather’s curse at work.

This read was definitely chilling! I think what made it even more so was that the party hostess had dogs and when you involve curses and magic that can affect you in scary ways…well you do the math! I will say that no animals were abused or hurt in this one…they were just victims of the curse. It definitely makes for an emotional read.

Watching literally everyone being killed off was scary as well. Especially since the enemy is clear across town and can’t really be stopped. Except in one way…needless to say this is definitely a read for dark stormy nights, if you’re brave enough. Whereas I read it on a nice bright sunny 90+ degrees fall day! Yup.

The ending was satisfactory in the sense of conclusions, but alas I still couldn’t help but feel wrecked over it. I felt for Chloe and her situation. I would’ve wished for an ending that was just a touch more happier, but not all scary stories can end happily ever after.


Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

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  1. I have a tough time when the book doesn't end the way I want, but sometimes that reads more real than happy ever after.

    sherry @ fundinmental


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