Jul 6, 2018

Let's Discuss: An Author I'm Dying to Meet

I feel very lucky and privileged that I've gotten to meet so many authors over the years! So many favorites that I got to meet in person and go from starstruck to spluttering incoherently! And yet, there are still sooo many authors I'd like to meet!

Favorite Author You'd Love to Meet (Living or Dead)

The author that I would so, so, sooooooooooooooooooo love to meet and have not had the opportunity to do so is Marianne Curley. As previously mentioned throughout the blog Marianne was one of my first favorite authors growing up! I loved her book Old Magic!

I thought this book was just so magical! Lol, not intended! It was a read I could easily fall into and loved every moment of! She wrote another series--which I need to re-read since she added a fourth book earlier this year--that was also very good! More time traveling and magic! Gotta love that combination! I can easily handle time travel when it's magic based and not science based! Lol.

It's hard to really explain why Old Magic meant so much to me. I feel like I can't really describe it. Perhaps a part of it was that it was one of the first books I read where the heroine was an ordinary girl. I know, now ordinary girls learning they're extraordinary are over hyped. Back when this book came out, that wasn't so. Kate knew she was a witch and a practicing one at that, but it was the other elements of her life that were ordinary. She was unpopular, had only one true friend and yet she was still willing to help out this new guy. She didn't even hold it against him when he joined the popular crowd and wanted to help him still when she learned of his curse, the one he refused to believe.

She was a character I could really relate to--outside of the magical capabilities--and I just loved her for that! This was a book I re-read quite a few times because I loved the characters so much and naturally the story too. It's one of those reads that impacted my life in its own way and to meet the author would be a dream come true! Though I don't think the author would ever have cause to come to the US, but if she does, you can expect to see me there, no matter where it's at because I will be there in a heartbeat!


  1. I've never heard of this author. I want to give her books a try. An author I would love to meet is Kiera Cass. I love her books and personality.

  2. I haven't heard of this author either. I would love to meet Alice Walker or Toni Morrison!

  3. I read Old Magic when it first came out. I was a teacher librarian at the senior campus of a secondary school. A long time ago, and the cover was not as pretty! Interesting what you say about the trope not being as common then as it is now. She’s an Aussie, like me, and lives in Coffs Harbour, NSW. If you ever visit this country, you shouldn’t have too much trouble meeting her. Children’s and YA writers are a small community here and only too pleased to meet their fans, just email or find her on social media.

  4. I've never heard of her, but I hope you get to meet her someday --- you never know!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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